Why does Messi stay at the Bernabeu? Play Marseille Rotation + Show Figure Sculpture

 Why does Messi stay at the Bernabeu? Play Marseille Rotation + Show Figure Sculpture

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The man who humiliated Bernabeu with the Marseille Round was sold by the Premier League relegation cabbage price.

Ajax, who lost at home in the first round, needs to break through as soon as possible to build confidence. Tadic gave two assists in the first 18 minutes, the first time Real Madrid conceded two goals at home in the first 18 minutes of the Champions League. The first assists took place in the 7th minute. The left foot crossed on the right side of Tadics forbidden area. Zieh followed up with the shot to break the door.

In the 18th minute, Tadic completed a more brilliant second assist, and at the moment he was like a combination of Messi and Zidane. When he got the ball on the right side of the midfield, Tadic first held the ball against Regillon on his back, then turned to break it through, and then put Kroska behind him. In the face of Casemiro, Tadic used Zidanes iconic Marseille Round to complete the superb. Tadic also used Messis left foot to deliver a delicate direct pass in the top arc of the penalty area. He found the only route between Neres and Tadic. Nerress goal reversed Ajaxs total score.

After delivering Messi-style assists, Tadic scored a Messi-style goal in the 62nd minute. After receiving a cross from teammates left side, Tadic stopped the ball with his right foot in the middle of the forbidden area and immediately connected it with his left foot to move gently across the ball. This continuity made Nacho completely lose his defensive position. Tadic then pushed the ball from the inside of his left foot to the top right corner of the goal. In this area, this is Messis best and favorite way of attacking.

Its probably the best game of my career because we beat the best club in the world. Tadic spoke after the game. Tadic has scored six assists and four assists in the Champions League this season. He has scored 10 goals, which is the best number in the Champions League.

Tadic, 30, was not a great player before. Apart from playing four seasons in the Premier League at Southampton, Tadic has never played in five leagues in his career. In the Premier League, Tadic scored only eight goals per season. But in tonights Bernabeu, Tadic played like an incremental Messi. Its time for Real Madrids midfield and backcourt to take a good look at turning a mediocre generation into Messi.

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