Manchester Uniteds Chinese-American youngster joins the Champions League squad and Ferguson, 77, oversees the match on the spot.

 Manchester Uniteds Chinese-American youngster joins the Champions League squad and Ferguson, 77, oversees the match on the spot.

During his tenure at Manchester United, Ferguson led the team in a number of turnovers, the most classic of which was the 1999 Champions League final. With Ferguson, there are miracles. After retirement, Ferguson did not stop caring about Manchester United. Sir Alex Ferguson was hospitalized in 2018, but he returned to the Dream Theater to watch the game shortly after his recovery. Ferguson has been there many times this season to watch Manchester United play. Ferguson was delighted that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had led United on the right track after Mourinhos class.

Yesterday, Manchester United gathered and flew to Paris. We were surprised to find Ferguson in the middle of the team. The old man looked very spiritual in his overcoat, white shirt and tie with the Manchester United emblem on it. The Daily Mail says Fergusons presence has greatly boosted the morale of Uniteds players, and Solskjaer has also used Fergusons presence to boost morale, demanding that the team work until the last minute and not let Sir Alex down. In addition, former Manchester United CEO David Gill also accompanied the team on the road.

Solskjaer has recruited several youngsters, including Zhong Tasi, who is familiar to Chinese fans, for the reason of too many injuries and illnesses in the team. Last weekend, United reversed Southampton 3-2 in good form and good morale. After Solskjaer took office, Manchester United lost only one game against Paris. Tomorrow, Sothen has a chance to complete his revenge in Paris.

Chinese-American Junior Jong Tasi is on the Champions League list

The 0-2 score in the first leg did not make the promotion of Manchester United favourable, but Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who is used to big games, insisted that Manchester United were not out because they had 90 minutes to play. After watching Real Madrids home turmoil, Solskjaer is more convinced that Manchester United can also create miracles. The game is not over yet, and we are not out. We have been doing well away from home. We are not going to Paris for sightseeing. We will never surrender without fighting. Now that we go there and enjoy the game, we know that its difficult to play at home in Paris and Paris is playing well at Old Trafford, so its a huge challenge. Sao Sheng said.

Soxhlet concluded by emphasizing: Compared to the 2-0 score, I prefer to lead the team to win 4-2. I hope we can get a good result at half-time. If we can get into the halftime with a 1-0 score, the good game may come in the second half.