Barcelona is scheduled to shake down the Winnie + fried balls and play the magic flute! Perfect nomination

 Barcelona is scheduled to shake down the Winnie + fried balls and play the magic flute! Perfect nomination

From the data, we can see how brilliant Derong is. De Jongs success rate of top contention and stealing is 100%, and his success rate of passing is 91%. De Jong has 75 touches, 6 steals, 3 breaks, 2 passes, 1 blockade shot, and 1 free kick.

De Jong never panics when he is in possession of the ball. He can not only make the best solution by passing the ball, but also is not afraid to break through in possession of the ball. These attributes of De Jong are in line with Barcelonas football. In the first half, De Jong made two very angry personal breakthroughs.

The fury shakes Venetius over two.

De Jong Fried Ball Plays Real Madrid Golden Globe Superstar

The first time was to shake down Venetius. In the case of being attacked by Vinexius and Modric, De Jong, without accelerating in situ, shakes Vinexius to the ground simply by body maneuver and changing rhythm. This way of handling the ball is Busquetsfavorite. The second time, De Jong first fought hard against Venetius to finish the steal, and then used Iniestas iconic fried balls to break through Modric.

De Ronglang almost lost the ball

After re-engraving Busquets and Iniesta, De Jong intends to re-engrave Pique in the final stage. At the Bernabeu last weekend, Pique was carrying Benzema along his own bottom line. When Pique dribbled the ball in front of the goal, Telstegen was always on tenterhooks. De Jong wanted to learn from Pique to pick Benzema one by one, but was eventually snatched by the French. If it hadnt been for Bell to miss the key goal, De Jong, the last man in the defence, would have backed up.

After picking up Real Madrid, De Jong gave Barcelona a nomination. In an interview after the match, De Jong was also the first to be asked whether he had received the congratulations of Barcelona. De Rongs face burst into a brilliant smile: I havent seen the mobile phone yet.

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