Real Madrid is satirized: can they score by purse alone? Barcelona legend: OMG! Applause X3

 Real Madrid is satirized: can they score by purse alone? Barcelona legend: OMG! Applause X3

Although Cruyff has died, his Twitter account is still run by his foundation. After Ajaxs victory, Clemens put forward the famous Dutch legend: Why cant we beat a richer team? I didnt see a bag of money that could score! Their matching picture is the classic No. 14 robe of Cruyff, which has just become Real Madrids 1-4 Ajax.

Dutch celebrity Gullit also gave his opinion in an interview with Bein TV: Zidane is very smart, he left after Ronaldo left. Without Ronaldo, there would be 50 goals missing. Real Madrids exit was not unexpected, Ajax should not lose in the first round. I watched Barcelona play at the Bernabeu and when I saw Real Madrid midfield, I thought, who doesnt want to deal with such midfield? This is Ajaxs easiest game of the season, against Real Madrid. Ajax won so easily before he fought at home.

The number one Mei Blows Reinkel, then three successive criticisms of Real Madrid. When Real Madrid fell 3-0 down, Reinkel pushed: It seems that Real Madrid will be out of the third line in a week. When Real Madrid were 1-4 down, Reinkel satirized Kurtouva: Crazy games, crazy goals from Sherney. To save the ball, Kurtouva has to be a little higher. At the end of the game, Reinkel mocked Ramos who shuffled in the first round: If he did not shuffle, Real Madrid would have a better chance of promotion.

NBA superstar Nbid, then @Azar: @We need to sign some players, now Real Madrid fans are sad! Hi, Azar. Real Madrid refuel. In Nbids view, Real Madrid should obviously sign Azar this summer.

Puyol celebrates Real Madrids exit

As Barcelonans, Puyol and Suarez have posted applause icons on social networks, which will obviously make Real Madrid even more unhappy. Suarez also tweeted in Dutch: Congratulations! I will always be an Ajax fan. Suarez played 158 games for Ajax and scored 111 goals.

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