Real Madrids premature veterans have been beaten six times in a single match! Thats how they keep fit at the age of 29? Wait until theyre banned.

 Real Madrids premature veterans have been beaten six times in a single match! Thats how they keep fit at the age of 29? Wait until theyre banned.

Ajax needed to break through as soon as possible to stabilize the army. Cross gave his opponent an Oolong assistant in the 7th minute of the opening game. On the left side of the midfield, Cross stopped the ball, but was immediately attacked by his opponent and snatched it away. Ajax kicked a quick counter-attack and Zieh struck a deadly blow in the penalty area. Crosss mistake in possession of the ball was the main reason for Real Madrids lightning loss. In terms of intensity, Cross and Ajax players are not in the same class at all. Hes just three blocks slower.

Ajax scored the third goal and sentenced Real Madrid to death. Cross is also responsible for the goal. When the ball was about to roll out of the sideline, Cross did not rush forward for the first time, but looked back to see if the assistant referee raised the flag. Seeing that the assistant referee did not award the ball out of bounds, Cross wanted to go forward to steal, but by this time Ajax had kicked a fast attack, Tadic forbidden zone midway to complete the Messi-style world wave.

Cross has never been a defensive midfielder, but tonight he was too lax in defense. Cross had six breakthroughs in the game, the highest number of players. Cross, 29, seems to have started his fitness game. Hes almost always running at a uniform pace on the court, and he seldom even sprints at an accelerated pace.

After Solari took office, Isko, Marcelo and Bell all lost their main positions, and the former even missed the list repeatedly. The Marca newspaper pointed out that Cross is likely to be the next major player to be banned from Real Madrid. Cross was replaced early in two consecutive league matches against Levante and Barcelona, with 20-year-old Balvad playing in his place. In terms of ability, Cross is certainly stronger, but Balvad has a better attitude.

Ramos shuffled after a 2-1 lead away from home, Cross was always slow on the pitch, and Solari did not save strength for the Champions League rotation at all. Such signs suggest that Real Madrid did not take Ajax seriously at all. It is said that there are no weak teams in the Champions League, but Real Madrid apparently regard Ajax as a fish-and-fish team, and the White Clothes have paid a price for their arrogant attitude. Remember the 2003/04 Champions League quarter-finals? Real Madrid beat Monaco 4-2 at home and were beaten 3-1 away. Solari, who had experienced that humiliating exit, did not teach her lessons to her disciples.

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