A farewell ceremony for the legendary remains of Chu Shijian is scheduled to be held on March 9.

 A farewell ceremony for the legendary remains of Chu Shijian is scheduled to be held on March 9.

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On March 5, Peng Mei News learned from Chu Shijians wife Ma Jingfen that Chu Shijian died at 13:20 on March 5 at Yuxi Peoples Hospital.

At about 10 p.m. that evening, according to the director of Chu Orange Manor Information Center, who told Peng Mei News, after consultation with Chu Shijians family members Ma Jingfen and Chu Yibin, a simple memorial service was tentatively scheduled to be held from March 6 to 8, and a formal corpse farewell ceremony would be held on March 9.

In his early years, Zhu Shijian, known as Chinas Tobacco King, was the chairman of Yunnan Hongta Group Co., Ltd. and Yuxi Hongta Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd. After being sentenced, commuted and paroled for medical treatment, the 74-year-old self-employed to build the brand Zhu Orange and become a fruit king of a generation.

On September 13, 2017, there was false news that Chu Shijian died. At that time, he also refuted rumors to the media, saying, In my sense, live another 89 years, live at will. However, Chu Shijian, who has entered his early years, failed to run through the time. On March 5, 2019, the old man finished his legendary life and died at the age of 91.

The Fall of Yanwang

Born into a peasant family in Yuxi City, Chu Shijian served as director of Yuxi Cigarette Factory at the age of 51 in 1979. Previously, Yuxi Cigarette Factory, the predecessor of Hongta Group, was once on the verge of closure.

Since then, Chu Shijian has served as the chairman of Yunnan Hongta Group Co., Ltd. and Yuxi Hongta Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd.

In 1990, Chu Shijian, 62, was named one of the top ten entrepreneurs in China; in 1994, Chu Shijian was elected one of the top ten reformers in China, and became a real Chinese tobacco king.

From 1979 to 1994, Chu Shijians Hongtashan tobacco factory was turned into a money printing machine and successfully built a 33.2 billion yuan Chinese brand. Hongtashan cigarettes are well known in China, making Yuxi tobacco factory the largest modern large-scale tobacco enterprise in Asia. By 1998 or so, the fixed assets of the enterprise had reached 7 billion yuan, and the annual profit-generating tax was 20 billion yuan, ranking fifth in the world among tobacco enterprises.

Zhu Shijian once told the 21st Century Economic Report that one year, the financial revenue of Yuxi Tobacco Factory accounted for one-sixth of the national financial revenue, so the four major newspapers of the central government contacted and published 10 reports called the model of national industry, I went to Yuxi Tobacco Factory is 45,000 people, which takes more than 10,000 people to create so much (wealth) elsewhere.

According to the above-mentioned media reports, Chu Shijian recalled that at that time, the tobacco factory had run out of money and had a large surplus of funds, and began to engage in transportation and energy. The Lancang River Grade Six Power Station, from Yuxi to Kunming Expressway, Hongta Group was the first enterprise to participate in the construction.

In the 1990s, an anonymous whistle-blower messenger named Generation of Smoke Kings was investigated and headed for a low ebb in life. In January 1999, the Yunnan Provincial Higher Peoples Court sentenced Chushi to life imprisonment and deprived him of political rights for life for the crime of embezzlement and the crime of huge amount of property from unknown sources. He was 71 years old this year.

King of Fruits Inspiration

In 2002, Chu Shijian and his wife Ma Jingfen contracted two hilltop orange plantations to start their second business in Ailaoshan, Xinping County, Yuxi City, because of severe diabetes.

Lin An, director of the office of Chu Orange Manor, once told China Business News that at that time, he had no money for fitness, and it was the overseas Chinese in Singapore who sponsored him. Chu Shijian, who started his second business, is 74 years old.

Chu Shijian recalled that the orange had just been planted for two years, and when Wang Shi went to visit, the soil was still red. He said, you two came to find this hard job when you were seventy or eighty years old.

According to Qilu Evening News, Chu Shijians white hair and entrepreneurial passion touched Wang Shi at that moment. Imagine a 75-year-old man, wearing a big sunglasses and a torn T-shirt, talking to me enthusiastically about orange fruit hanging. Although he is in a bad situation, he is eager to be an entrepreneur. I thought, what would I think if I met his setbacks and reached his age? I knew I would not be as brave as he was.

Ma Jingfen, 5 years younger than Chu Shijian, recalled to the 21st Century Economic Report that they had built a shed at that time. There was no house at all. The workers lived in a shed. Her old couple also lived in a shed. To what extent is it simple, you can look up and see the sky. At that time, you didnt think of how far you can go, just how you want to live.

At first, the oranges they planted were not very good, either fruitless, or fruitless, or tasteless. Chu Shijian recalled that 340,000 fruit trees were planted at the beginning, because the fruit was not good because of too dense. Later, while cutting down trees, increasing production, and changing the method of fertilizer ratio with technicians.

I was not good at math when I was a child, but I always kept an account in my mind. I was very sensitive to numbers. In fact, I started to learn to grow oranges from the beginning, and I had to turn over all kinds of books to read by myself.

When Chu Shijian was 84 years old, he cooperated with the electronics company. His Chu orange entered the Beijing market and began to sell in the north and south of the Yangtze River. His orchard produced 8,000 tons of oranges annually, with a profit of more than 30 million yuan, and became the King of Orange in China.

According to the Red Star News, Ma Jingfen said that before the orange sale, she was not qualified to call Ma Jingfen. She was only a housewife, but she praised Ma Shijian. If she was good to me, I would feel good. If she was not good to me, I would cry. I dont think its interesting to live. But now its different, Even if hes not nice to me, I can survive. Because I have my career. She said she would not retire until the day she closed her eyes.