Air China Flight Emergency Standby Russian Stewardess Hoarse and Shout Run

 Air China Flight Emergency Standby Russian Stewardess Hoarse and Shout Run

The Russian stewardess on Air Chinas emergency standby landing screamed and ran fast (source:)

[Air China Flight emergency reserve landing Russian stewardesses shouted loudly and ran fast] On March 5, Air China Flight CA983 was prepared for landing at Russian airport due to fire alarm in baggage compartment. Passengers were evacuated safely by slides. Passengers recorded the pictures of leaving the cabin. The flight attendants shouted to urge the passengers to run fast and leave the plane at the risk of fire or even explosion. Passengers praised the crew and saw the interpretation of the word responsibility.

Weibo user @KOD Gaobo:

Now the crew and passengers are safe, and the passengers will fly to Los Angeles again in three hours! Let me describe the situation.

After the fire alarm in the cabin, the captain decided to stand by and land at the Russian airport, and let all the passengers and crew evacuate (after getting off the plane). Fortunately, he experienced all this, not because of the standby landing, but because he saw different interpretations of the word responsibility. The passengers and stewardesses on the plane told us not to take things to evacuate quickly, and they were the most important. The latter leaves the plane (they are supposed to help each passenger evacuate at any time when the plane will burn and explode). The evacuation is too hasty for more than a minute. The stewardess gives the blanket to the passengers, the stewardess gives their shoes to the passengers, the father lets the children and the mother get on the bus first, and the stewardess let all the passengers get on the bus at last. This is kind of human nature. On the one hand, we can see everyones interpretation of the word responsibility. Men have fulfilled the responsibilities of men and fathers, and staff members have fulfilled their responsibilities for a job! Thank all the staff of CA983! You are great!!!

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