Londons three major transport hubs are also bombing police parcels: terrorist incidents

 Londons three major transport hubs are also bombing police parcels: terrorist incidents

BEIJING, March 6 (Xinhua) Comprehensive report, the British London Police issued a message that the London Railway Station and two airports received homemade explosive devices, the police regard this incident as a terrorist incident, has launched an investigation.

Sources said: London Police Anti-Terrorist Department launched an investigation after receiving three suspicious parcels at three public facilities in the British capital on the 5th. These parcels are packed in white pouches with yellow objects, which have been identified by experts as small explosive devices.

Source: London Police.

One of the explosive devices exploded in an office building near Heathrow Airport, triggering a small fire. The airport was not affected and no flights were cancelled, but as a precaution, the authorities evacuated the office buildings. No one was injured in the explosion.

More than an hour later, the police received a call saying that another suspicious package had been sent to Waterloo Railway Station. The authorities responded and ensured the safety of the device. About 30 minutes later, they received a call for a third package, which was delivered to an office building near London City Airport.

The London Police Department said it regarded the incident as a terrorist incident. According to the Independent, the explosive device was packed in a package with Irish stamps on it. The two packages that did not detonate appeared to be addresses written by the same person in the same pen. Sky News confirmed that Irish police are assisting the London Police Department in its investigation.

Officials are continuing to investigate the incident and warn people to pay attention to similar packages.

Source: Xu Meng-NN7485, Responsible Editor of CNN