Volvo will test driverless buses in Singapore: capable of carrying 80 people

 Volvo will test driverless buses in Singapore: capable of carrying 80 people

Netease Technologies News, March 6, Reuters reported that Swedish automaker Volvo Buses, a subsidiary of Volvo Volvo, and Singapores Nanyang University of Technology (NTU), released an electric driverless bus on Tuesday and plans to test it in Singapore this year.

Singapore, with its high population density, has always encouraged the development of driverless technology and hopes that its residents will use more shared vehicles and public transport. Subra Suresh, president of Nanyang Polytechnic University, said that driverless buses would appear on the campus of the University in a matter of weeks and months, and then enter public road tests with the approval of regulatory authorities.

Suresh hopes the test will be extended to public roads within a year. The second driverless bus will be tested at the city bus stop. Volvo and Nanyang Polytechnic University say the 12-metre bus can carry up to 80 passengers, making it the worlds first truly electric driverless bus. Hakan Agnevall, president of Volvo Buses, said: This is the vehicle that carriers can really use, and thats why its a milestone.

KPMG recently released a report showing that Singapore ranks second in the world in its index for assessing the openness and readiness of countries to driverless cars. The city-state hopes to deploy driverless buses on public roads in three different areas starting in 2022. (small)

Source: Responsible Editor of Netease Science and Technology Report: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541