Niu Chengzes Cycling Invasion Denies that Racing Horse will be remake

 Niu Chengzes Cycling Invasion Denies that Racing Horse will be remake

Niu Chengze appeared on his bicycle to answer with a relaxed face.

Beijing News reported on March 6 (reporter Zhang He). On March 5, Niu Chengzes sexual assault case reopened. Niu Chengze rode a bicycle to attend the court, accompanied by two lawyers. It is reported that about half an hour after the hearing, Niu Chengze responded positively to the case for the first time. He said: It is inconvenient to say the content of the hearing in court, but I have not changed my attitude to respect the judiciary and the final judgment of the judiciary. I will take responsibility and will not evade it. I firmly believe that the judiciary will have a just judgment. I have never threatened or coerced other peoples intentions, but I will certainly feel sorry for causing so much disturbance and pain and discomfort, and I will certainly take responsibility.

As for the news that the film Running Horse will be re-filmed soon, Niu Chengze confessed: I must tell the truth, the plan is still suspended at present. Because staff, actors and investors all want to continue shooting this film, but I dont have the ability or expectation to be a director right now. In line with the fairness and expectation of other participants, of course, I hope a good movie can be completed, but now I am running and meditating every day, facing my fear and loneliness truthfully, and constantly sending blessings to myself and the world.

Previously, because of Niu Chengzes deep-seated invasion, the film Horse Running came out with the news that it was about to stop shooting. Ren Xianqi, the hero of the film, has revealed that he intends to buy the copyright and continue filming. But recently, according to Taiwan media reports, Horse Running will continue to be guided by Niu Chengze, and more than half of the staff will be changed except for the male and female protagonists.

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On December 5, 2018, Taiwanese media reported that 52-year-old director Niu Chengze had been reported to have sexually assaulted female staff during the filming of the film Horse Running. Afterwards, the woman accompanied by her friends went to the maternity and child police to report the case. The injury test report proved that the whole sexual assault process was involuntary. Police also confirmed their involvement in the investigation.

On Dec. 10, 2018, after three and a half hours of interrogation, the Taipei Local Procuratorate finally granted him bail of NT$1.5 million (about RMB 330,000), but restricted his residence, exit and sea voyage. During the interview, Niu Chengze constantly argued that I was too drunk that night to remember what happened, and even shouted I like her very much (the victim woman).

On February 1, 2019, according to Taiwanese media reports, a prosecution investigation revealed that the woman had Niu Chengzes DNA in her lower body. In addition, Niu Chengze has always pleaded not guilty on the grounds of drunkenness, but the investigation found that he could soberly pass information to the victim woman after the incident, and found that he was not unconscious at all, so he prosecuted Niu Chengze for the crime of compulsory sexual intercourse.

Wu Dongni, editor of Zhang He, reporter of Beijing News, proofread Lu Aiying

Source: Zhang Yi_NBJS7487, Responsible Editor of Beijing Newspaper