The national number-carrying network is really coming! Which one do you choose for mobile, Unicom and telecom?

 The national number-carrying network is really coming! Which one do you choose for mobile, Unicom and telecom?

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BEIJING, March 6 (Xinhua) Client, Beijing, 5 (Xinhua). After the governments work report of 2019 put forward the idea of carrying numbers to transfer networks nationwide, Miao Wei, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, said that all mobile phone users will be able to carry numbers freely before the end of the year. You are not satisfied with one company. Take your number and choose another one to serve you.

This means that the pilot number-carrying network transfer business, which has been carried out in many places before, will finally be landed nationwide.

After nine years, two batches of pilot projects have been carried out.

Transfer network with a number, also known as the number can be carried, mobile without changing the number. For example, mobile phone users with China Mobile number can transfer to China Telecom or China Unicom without their mobile number and enjoy the telecom operation services provided by China Telecom or China Unicom.

The earliest date of carrying number to transfer network can be traced back to November 2010, when Tianjin and Hainan carried out pilot work of carrying number to transfer network. In September 2014, the second batch, namely, Jiangxi, Hubei and Yunnan provinces, also began to implement pilot number-carrying transfer network.

On December 1, 2018, pilot cities launched a new acceptance process. Compared with the old process, under the new process, users can inquire about their qualifications by short message first, and transfer them to new operators within one hour after carrying out the business, thus shortening the effective time of the transfer network.

According to the data released by China Institute of Communications and Communications, as of the end of December 2018, 1.67 million subscribers had been transferred to the Internet by carrying numbers, of which 630,000 were added in 2018, an increase of 62% over the previous year.

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Are there any technical difficulties?

From the beginning of the pilot project, it took nine years for the network to be implemented nationwide. What is the difficulty of such difficult labor?

In March 2018, Luo Wen, then Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and now Vice Director of the Development and Reform Commission, said publicly that it was not as easy as everyone thought to transfer network with numbers. Many problems were found in the pilot process. One of them was the settlement between operators and the technical experience.

Communication industry expert Xiang Ligang once told CNN reporters in an interview that it would cost a lot of construction and maintenance to carry numbers to the network, because every operator in each province has to carry out the transformation of user management system and billing system, which is very expensive.

Carry the number to the network throughout the country. According to Fu Liang, an expert in the telecommunications industry, this means that after the experimental stage, the number management platform entrusted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to the China Research Institute of Communications and Communications has solved the technical problems of carrying numbers into the network in the past and optimized the process of transferring, which is ready for the full implementation of the network in the whole country.

What benefits will users have?

Fortunately, difficulties will be overcome. Now the nationwide number-carrying network is finally landing. Miaowei said, To meet the needs of consumers.

It is understood that many consumers have the need to carry numbers to the Internet. Mobile phone number has been used for many years, and has been bound with many bank and network application accounts. No doubt, it will be very troublesome to change the number. Its the best way to change the network with your number. Users were interviewed by CNN reporters.

In addition, at present, operatorspackages emerge in endlessly and belong to different telecom operators. If users want to change a cheap and suitable package, the number-carrying transfer network can be free from operator restrictions.

Fu Liang, in an interview with CNN, said that after the nationwide implementation of the number-carrying transfer network, it will promote the adjustment of unreasonable tariffs for operators. Through the number-carrying transfer network, users have more options, which is conducive to promoting operators to reduce the cost of meals in use, and enhance the service experience of existing users.

Industry analysts generally believe that the competition among the three operators will be more intense after the full liberalization of the number-carrying network. In order to retain users, a series of preferential measures may be introduced to benefit the majority of users.

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Does everyone have access to the Internet?

However, it should be noted that even if the nationwide carry-on network, not all people are qualified.

In December 2018, China Information and Communication Research Institute quoted the relevant person in charge of China Mobile Hubei Company as saying that customers should check whether their number has been contracted, whether the preferential activities expire, or whether there are other restrictions before carrying the number to the network.

If you confirm that your number can be processed, you will receive the verification code sent randomly by SMS. After getting the passport function of the carry-on authorization code, users still need to go to the business hall designated by the carrier to complete business processing.

However, in the view of some industry insiders, the future business process and requirements of carrying number to transfer network may also be further optimized.

A survey by CNN reporters found that many users are still ineligible to carry a number to the network, for example, paragraph 188/157, virtual operators and so on are not allowed to carry a number to the network business.

According to incomplete statistics, the purchase of contract machines, the processing of contract packages not expired, family packages users, broadband bound numbers, campus card users, users who do not unbind VOLTE services are not allowed to carry numbers to the network.

According to Fu Liang, some users participated in some activities without knowing it and signed relevant contracts, such as not being able to transfer the network during the delivery of telephone charges. According to this contract, operators have reason to prevent users from carrying numbers to transfer networks.

In November 2014, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the Regulations on the Management of Mobile Phone User Number Carrier Test, which stipulates that if the user carries the number to the network and the applicant and the carrier sign an agreement with the limitation of the time limit stipulated on the network, the applicant and the carrier shall lift the limitation of the time limit stipulated on the network beforehand.

In addition, mobile phone beautiful number holders, or can not carry the number to the Internet. Fu Liang said that according to the relevant state departments, unreasonable terms of the agreement should be limited and the scope of the good name should be controlled.

What is the industry impact?

As we all know, China Mobile has the largest number of users among the three major operators. Data show that by the end of January 2019, China Mobile had 927 million subscribers, China Telecom had 307 million subscribers and China Unicom had 318 million subscribers. Will a large number of China Mobile users switch to China Unicom and China Telecom after the nationwide liberalization of the number-carrying network?

Fu Liang said that this situation is very difficult to occur, and it is also difficult to change the market pattern for China Mobile to land with the number transfer network. China Mobile will certainly take positive measures, but this will have a small impact on China Mobile to maintain profit growth.