Father sacrificed 10 years and mother concealed 10 years of elementary school students to write essays and watch many people cry.

 Father sacrificed 10 years and mother concealed 10 years of elementary school students to write essays and watch many people cry.

At 8 a.m. on 24 June 2009... At the precipice of a 30-degree cliff, there are 11 cars to pass. Dad got off and directed the first 10 cars to pass safely, and the last one was just about to pass. Tragedy happened, a car fell from high altitude, the leg injured father saw a boulder hit the comatose copilot, his father pushed away his comrade-in-arms, but his father was hit... This is Hu Bowens composition My Dad, a boy from Class 5 (1) of Meiling Primary School in Yangzhou. It shocked the whole class, but also made everyone shed touching tears.

The title of this thesis is very common, but Hu Bowen recalls his fathers absence with deep feeling, narrating the time when he was proud and proud of the martyr father who gave his life bravely, and his mother Zhou Zhongyan told him ten years of love lie, which is moving between the lines.

On March 5, Yangtze Evening News reporter Ziniu rushed to Yangzhou to talk to Zhou Zhongyan, widow of martyr whose son had been hiding for ten years, and to feel the strong, great and deep love of an ordinary woman.

Sichuan Mei Zi Married with Jiangsu Bing Brother

Happy life is too short for more than four years

Zhou Zhongyan, 38, runs a Denafo laundry on Yangliuqing Road, north of Yangzhou City. People unfamiliar with her do not know that she speaks Mandarin and is enthusiastic and cheerful. She lives in Zigong, Sichuan Province. Whats more, she does not know that this young woman who smiles and keeps busy in the shop has experienced painful past and major changes in her life.

Zhou Zhongyan is the only daughter in the family. She is careful, dexterous, kind and competent. In 2004, after introducing by my colleagues, I met Hu Yongfei, a handsome young man in Jiangsu who was a car soldier in Tibet and often drove through Sichuan. Xiao Hu was tall, tall, warm and sincere, considerate to Zhongyan, and soon entered Zhou Zhongyans heart.

Old photos of Hu Yongfei and Zhou Zhongyan

Zhou Zhongyan took Xiaohu home for the first time, and I liked it very much. He is cheerful and diligent. I dont need to say that he works when he sees work. Neighbors need help. Without waiting for others to say, he does it. It can be said that Xiao Hu is better than I expected! Recalling the first meeting with her son-in-law, Zhou Zhongyans mother Liu Huarong told the Yangtze Evening News reporter Ziniu.

In 2005, they received marriage certificates in the army. Hu Yongfei is the only child in the family. His father is not in good health. His mother suffers from mental illness and cannot take care of herself. After marriage, Zhou Zhongyan and Hu Yongfei returned to their hometown in Jiangsu and entered their husbands home in Tianshan Town, Gaoyou, Yangzhou. They secretly made up their minds to take good care of their parents-in-law and let their husbands work in the army. In order to take better care of Hu Yongfeis family and let her husband have no concern, Zhou Zhongyan and her parents sold their home in Sichuan and settled in Gaoyou, Jiangsu Province. You are at ease in the army, your parents, my parents, I will take good care of them. Zhou Zhongyan said so to her husband.

But Zhou Zhongyan never dreamed that a peaceful and happy life was so short that it took less than five years.

He covered the plateau for his comrade-in-arms

She was tearing her heart and lungs in the army

In early summer of 2009, southern Tibet was in the rainy season. On June 24, the rain stopped for more than 10 days. Hu Yongfei, the captain of the Second Regiment of the Shannan Army in Tibet, assembled his team early in the morning. The last batch of building materials is needed to build the border post. A few days ago, because of the rain delayed time, at 8:00 a.m., 11 military vehicles loaded with sand and other building materials on the road, Hu Yongfeis car in the last. As the captain, as long as he gets out of the car, he must be at the end of the battle.

The construction site of the camp outpost is difficult because of the rugged mountain road, which takes more than 10 hours by car. At that time, there were three people in Hu Yongfeis car. Besides him, there were drivers and co-drivers. Hu Yongfei was sitting by the right window.

At 5 p.m., the convoy arrived at a dangerous mountain road. It was a turning at a 30-degree angle. The road was very narrow, with a cliff 30 meters high on the side. Hu Yongfei got off and went to the front of the convoy, stood at the corner, and smoothly directed 10 military vehicles through. Then he returned to his car. However, when the vehicle started, the rainwater-soaked roadbed suddenly collapsed and the whole car toppled over a cliff 30 meters high. Together, the three were thrown out of the window. Hu Yongfei, who was injured, saw a huge rock pulled down by a truck rolling towards the driver and co-driver not far away. At a critical moment, he pushed the comatose co-pilot away, but he was hit in the head by a rolling stone.

Accident scene

Two comrades survived, Hu Yongfei sacrificed heroically. Later, Hu Yongfei was pursued as a revolutionary martyr.

Hu Yongfei died when his son, Hu Bowen, was 16 months old. At that time, I was visiting relatives in the army. When the bad news came, I felt that the sky was falling down. I couldnt believe it, let alone believe it. Zhou Zhongyan told the Yangtze Evening News reporter Ziniu that the location of the accident was several hundred kilometers away from him, and he insisted on the head of the company to rush to the scene of the accident to have a look. When I got there, I cried my heart and lungs in the face of boulders and military trucks smashed by boulders.

Hu Yongfei

Mother-in-laws health is not good, by this heavy blow, schizophrenia is more serious. Before that, the father-in-law had died of illness.

Take care of your mother-in-law and support your family.

Tell Lies of Love for Childrens Growth

Mother-in-law Hu Cuilian had mental illness before, and could not take care of herself. My parents are too old to work. After the sacrifice of her husband, the burden of her familys life was on Zhou Zhongyans shoulder. When I come into contact with my mother-in-law, I feel that she is very kind. It hit her so hard that she often talked to herself alone. I knew she missed her son. Zhou Zhongyan takes care of her mother-in-law like a child every day, starting with details of life such as dressing, combing her hair, washing her face and cutting her nails. The old man is often in a trance when he is sick. When he is awake, he often says to her, Thanks to you, you should pay attention to your own body.

Zhou Zhongyan and his mother-in-law

For the happy growth of children, Zhou Zhongyan decided to move from Tianshan Town of Gaoyou to Yangzhou City. After buying a house in the north of Yangzhou, Zhou Zhongyan started the dry cleaning business with the help of the Cuigang community in Xihu Town. While working in the shop, taking care of the childrens diet and living, tutoring the sons homework, and caring for the sick mother-in-law.

Since Hu Bowen went to kindergarten, every teacher and head teacher knew about Hu Bowens fathers heroic sacrifice. Zhou Zhongyan and his teacher agreed to hide the news of his fathers death for the sake of his childrens growth. Every time Zhou Zhongyan receives the relevant subsidies from the civil affairs department, she quietly comes to the school to deal with it. Every time she comes to the parentsmeeting, she never talks too much with other parents, just carefully guards this secret. Zhou Zhongyan told his grandparents at the same time. Dont tell him the truth or the sacrifice of his father. If people ask about it, they only say that his father is a soldier in Tibet.

As the children grow up, they often ask, Mom, where is my father? How come Ive never seen him? At this time, my heart aches like a needle. How I want to tell my son that you have a proud father who is a worthy hero, but I am afraid that it is too cruel to say so. My sons little mind cant bear and be hurt. Zhou Zhongyan told Ziniu, the Yangtze Evening News, that whenever asked, she always told her son with a bitter laugh: My father is a soldier in a distant place, carrying out tasks, where the signal is not good, and the telephone can not be reached.

I always feel sorry for my child. I dont have time to cook. I often give him noodles. I dont have time to accompany him. My neighbors accompany him to watch movies and go to the bookstore. The shop is busy and has no comfortable environment. When I have time, he sleeps on the ironing table. With that, Zhou Zhongyans tears came down again.

When the child asked his mother what she could not ask, he came to ask me why my father never came home. Did he make a mistake and his mother forbade him to go home? Hu Bowens grandmother Liu Huarong also said with tears that many times he really could not answer, so he had to say that his father would come back for the New Year. But the Spring Festival still did not come back, the family had to continue to cheat the children: Dad carries out the important task, cant come back!

Hu Bowens grandmother Liu Huarong said with tears that every time she cheated on her children, she was very distressed.

Hu Bowen also proposed to visit his father in the army. Zhou Zhongyan had to say that the Tibetan plateau was too high for children to go because of lack of oxygen. Over the years, even Zhou Zhongyan did not remember how many times she had lied.

Take your son back to the heroic road of your husband

The childs sunshine was a great relief to her.

Last year, when Hu Bowen was 10 years old, Zhou Zhongyan thought again and again that it was time to tell his children the truth.

On the day before Qingming Festival, I took my child to Gaoyou MartyrsCemetery. On that day, all walks of life came here to pay homage, and the scene was more solemn. I made up my mind again and again, and finally got up the courage to tell him that Dad is here, he is a hero, how many people miss him! At that moment, the child cried, my heart was very painful, but also relieved, and finally told the child. Zhou Zhongyan told the Yangtze Evening News reporter Ziniu.

Hu Bowen told reporters: My mother took me to the MartyrsCemetery and told me the truth. At that moment, I was very sad and uncomfortable, especially not in my heart. Think about it after youre sad, and I know its not easy for mom. Zhou Zhongyan said that Hu Bowen has changed a lot since he learned the truth. He often helps himself, considerates others, is self-reliant, is not very capricious, and works harder in his studies.

Last summer, Zhou Zhongyan made a decision to take her son to the place where her husband had fought once again. In every place where she and her husband take pictures, she and her son take pictures to commemorate the family in such a special way. Where Dad worked and fought, Hu Bowen was very strong.

Zhou Zhongs mother and son are on the plateau

At 8 a.m. on 24 June 2009... At the precipice of a 30-degree cliff, there are 11 cars to pass. Dad got off and directed the first 10 cars to pass safely, and the last one was just about to pass. Tragedy happened, a car fell from high altitude, the leg injured father saw a boulder hit the comatose copilot, his father pushed away his comrade-in-arms, but his father was hit... This My Dad was circulated by the teacher as a model article in the class, and the students took it seriously.

Hu Bowens Composition My Dad

Hu Bowens classmates told Ziniu News that they learned from this composition that Hu Bowens father had died ten years ago. Hu Bowen said that when he grew up, he wanted to be a strong, brave and respected person like his father.

Zhou Zhongyan told the Yangtze Evening News reporter Ziniu that she had told a lie of love for 10 years. Faced with such a result, no matter how hard she worked and how much pressure she endured, it would be worth it. She hoped that her son would study hard and grow up happily, and become a useful person to serve the society in the future, not to lose his fathers spirit in heaven.

Hu Bowen Reads His Composition My Dad

Teacher: The child was silent when he knew the truth.

But soon it was sunnier.

Teacher Xia Aiping was Hu Bowens first head teacher. She recalled to the Yangtze Evening News reporter Ziniu several years ago: When I was enrolled in the first grade, when I registered for school, I found that the father column of the child was blank. At that time, some doubts had arisen in my mind. Because of the family privacy, I did not ask the mother of the child actively, but learned in peacetime. Give this child some attention in school life. I didnt realize that the father had died until the mother took the initiative to tell me about it. Hu Bowens mother once asked me what to say. How to say? Considering that the first grade children are not mature enough and may be unacceptable for a while, I suggest that mothers wait for an appropriate opportunity to tell their children. I think the biggest concern for this child is to treat him as an ordinary child. I keep this secret with my childs mother and accompany him to grow up.

Zhou Zhongs mother and son are in the barracks

On the eve of the Qingming Festival last year, Zhou Zhongyan made a decision. She found the current head teacher, Zhang Rong, and asked the teacher for leave to take her children to sweep his fathers grave. Mr. Zhang told the Yangtze Evening News reporter Ziniu: Since taking over, I have not found the difference between this child and other children. On the eve of Qingming Festival, Hu Bowens mother and I asked for leave to take their children to clean his fathers grave for the first time. Tearfully told me that after that, I was shocked that this mother was so strong that she had been guarding her children with her great love. Hu Bowen in the sunshine could not see that she came from an accident family.

After a period of time, Mr. Zhang noticed that the child was silent, so he sought an opportunity to communicate with him alone, comfort him and encourage him. He should be proud of having such a heroic father, hoping that he would be as brave as his father. In learning, as soon as there is progress, he praises in the class. Gradually, he regains the sunshine of the past. His achievements are constantly improving. The most obvious change is that he has a strong sense of ambition, becomes fond of reading, and his composition has made great progress. Joining the school football team, Hu Bowen and his companions fought together in the Principal Cup football match, winning honor and championship for the class.

Hu Bowens father is a hero, Hu Bowen wrote in My Dad:This spirit of sacrificing ones life and death to save others is admirable, I love my father, and because of such a great father, I am proud! Im proud! In my opinion, his mother is a hero in life. In his composition, Hu Bowen said:Mother takes care of us every day and works late in the shop every day, especially during the Spring Festival. All I can do is to study hard and clean up the house so that she doesnt worry about it. In the eyes of our teachers, Hu Bowens growth is the greatest comfort to this Home of Glory. Mr. Zhang Rong said.

Source: Ziniu News Responsible Editor: Yang Yi_NBJ10647