Cadres who were expelled from the Party and promoted by the Social Bureau were punished as good people

 Cadres who were expelled from the Party and promoted by the Social Bureau were punished as good people

Notification of Violations of Discipline and Law

On February 28, the Disciplinary Commission of Yongxiu County, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, reported a case in which the Disciplinary Disciplinary Decision of the County Peoples Social Bureau and the County Town Management Brigade was not in place.

After investigation, when handling the annual appraisal of cadres in 2017, the county administration brigade, knowing that the unit cadre Wanmou has been expelled from the party, will still qualify its appraisal results and report them to the county peoples social bureau. The County peoples social Bureau has not strictly checked the examination results, violated the rules to promote Wanmous wages, and has not corrected the wages that have been violated the rules and regulations when the relevant departments ask for self-examination and self-correction. This has resulted in the implementation of disciplinary sanctions idling among various departments, seriously affecting the seriousness of disciplinary sanctions.

In December 2018, Liao Haihai, then a salary officer of the county peoples and social bureau, and Yuan Ziwan, the head of the office of the county town management brigade, were warned and punished by the government. They had a warning and encouragement talk with Shao Zhongdong, deputy director of the county peoples and social bureau, and Yang Changxing, head of the county town management brigade.

Event Review

Lao Liao, this is the salary adjustment declaration material of our unit. One day in May 2018, Yuan Ziwan came to the County Peoples Society Bureau and handed Liaohai a stack of materials.

Liao Haihai flipped through the materials and a familiar name jumped into his eyes. He stopped.

Wan Mou? Wasnt he expelled from the Party last May and downgraded? Liao Haihai asked, How can I declare promotion for him this year?

You have a good memory. Yuan Ziwan laughed. Its been a year. Do you remember this story?

Thats what I do. I cant forget it! Liao Haihai said.

Yuan Ziwan came up and said mysteriously, He was downgraded last year. It shouldnt matter if he was upgraded again this year. Besides, his annual assessment results in 2017 are qualified and qualified for promotion.

Liao Haihai was shocked: He was expelled from the party, and the annual assessment results were `qualified?

All the punishments have been given. Why should the year-end assessment be added to others? Yuan Ziwan blinked. Besides, the enterprise shares of the Bureau of Peoples and Social Affairs also recognized the results of this assessment.

Business shares really identified? Liao Hai murmured for a moment and asked.

Of course! Yuan Ziwandun answered firmly, The business shares are not next door to you, you will know when you ask.

Liao Haihai pondered for a long time, and finally accepted the materials, and handled the promotion procedures for Wanmou salary.

In July 2018, Yongxiu County Disciplinary Commission issued a document requiring self-checking and self-correction of personnel files and salaries of persons subject to punishment in 2017. Shao Zhongdong, then deputy director-in-charge of the county peoples society bureau, arranged for the implementation of the bureaus business unit and wage unit after receiving the documents. Subsequently, the business unit corrected the annual assessment results of Wanmou, but the wage shares to Wanmou irregularly raised wages have not been corrected. After Shao Zhongdong laid out his work, he did not ask any further questions.

Investigate and deal with

In September 2018, the Jiujiang Disciplinary Commission, in conjunction with the Organizational Department of the Municipal Committee and the Municipal Peoples Social Bureau, set up four joint inspection teams to conduct a pull-net inspection of the implementation of disciplinary sanctions in the city. When consulting the files of Wanmous violation of discipline and law, the examination and declaration materials of Wanmou in 2017 attracted the attention of the inspection team.

According to the case file, in May 2017, Wanmou was sentenced to five monthsdetention for drug abuse, and was expelled from the Party membership and lowered the rank of his post. According to the regulations, the current assessment can not be determined to be basically qualified or above, but Wanmous assessment and declaration materials for the year 2017 are clearly shown as qualified.

Do you know that Wanmou was punished in 2017? Facing the inquiry from the inspection team, Yuan Ziwan was stunned.

Know is know, but I did not grasp the relevant provisions, work negligence... Yuan Ziwan disguised incoherently.

In contrast, Yang Changxing, the captain of the county management brigade, has a more sincere attitude: As the main leader of the unit, I have not worked carefully enough and should be responsible for leadership.

In fact, every year before the annual assessment work, the personnel department of the organization has carried out a detailed interpretation of the relevant provisions. Inspection team pointed out that there are not many cadres in the formation of the county town management brigade. Everyone knows what is punished. How can they be selectively forgotten in the annual assessment?

So, have the declaration opinions of the city management brigade been confirmed by the county peoples social bureau? In the next year, will salary levels rise as expected? After verification, the institution unit of the county peoples and social Bureau directly designated Wanmou as qualified according to the declaration of the city management brigade. This is not over. In May 2018, Liao Haihai, a salary officer of the Bureau, raised the salary of Wanmou from 13 to 14 according to this recognition.

You downgraded him in 2017 and upgraded him in 2018? Dont you know that hes still in the period of punishment? Investigators asked Liao Haihai.

Know it, know it, Liao Haihai said ashamedly, but I saw that the business shares had set him aqualifiedand thought that somebody had declared the matter below anyway. Someone had checked it up. He was only one of the middle ones. Why should he be so serious? He was wrong and promoted his salary.

Later, self-examination and self-correction were carried out. The Institutional Unit corrected the results of Wanmous assessment. Why didnt you correct them in time?

I wanted to be a good old man, but I forgot all about my responsibilities. Liao Hai drooped his head. After more than ten years in the wage shares, he made confusion at the critical moment!

Source: Yang Yi_NBJ10647, Responsible Editor of China Discipline Inspection and Supervision Newspaper