Two French teenagers were killed in a rebellion when they fled the polices pursuit.

 Two French teenagers were killed in a rebellion when they fled the polices pursuit.

[Global Network Reporter Cui Tianye] On the evening of the 2nd, two French teenagers were killed when they fled the polices pursuit of a stolen motorcycle. As of Monday (4), riots broke out in Grenoble, France for three consecutive nights. A large number of cars were set on fire, several police firefighters were injured, and others were arrested.

Todays Russia (RT) reported on the 5th that a 17-year-old and a 19-year-old escaped the polices pursuit of their stolen motorcycle on the evening of the 2nd day and were caught between the walls of a bus and a bridge, killing them when they were not wearing a helmet.

Graffiti on the wall of a pharmacy in Grenoble says Police Killer! from Agence France Presse

The incident triggered another riot in France. As of Monday night, riots broke out in the city of Grenoble where the victims had lived for three consecutive nights, and fireworks and petrol bombs were photographed throwing at police on the 4th.

Someone was lighting fireworks in the building.

Video footage showed local police trying to stop the riot by firing tear gas from behind a roadblock set up by rioters. Hundreds of fireworks were set off among the citys high-rise buildings, and fireballs landed randomly on the ground. Reported that 65 cars were set on fire, four firefighters and several police officers were injured in the chaotic conflict, a 25-year-old man was arrested for throwing objects at the police.

The car was set on fire, pictured on Twitter

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