Men were sentenced to 874,600 prisoners for falsely claiming that someone on the top had deceived them for introducing jobs.

 Men were sentenced to 874,600 prisoners for falsely claiming that someone on the top had deceived them for introducing jobs.

Zhongan Online and Zhongan News Client reported that a man in Suzhou falsely claimed that he had a strong relationship with a director of a municipal bus company. He fraudulently calculated 874,600 yuan in the name of being able to introduce his work. Recently, the Intermediate Peoples Court of Suzhou City handed down a second instance judgment on the fraud case.

Limou is from Dangshan County, Suzhou. In 2015, Limou met the victim Weimou online and developed into a love relationship. After that, Limou falsely claimed to know the leader of Suzhou Automobile Transport Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Suzhou Automobile Transport Group), and was able to arrange Weimou to work in Suzhou Automobile Transport Group. After that, Limou arranged for Weimou and Weimous fathers work to send gifts and buy the interior room of the Automobile Transport Group to hand in. The first payment, the urgent need for money in traffic accidents, the purchase of house certificates, diploma and other matters, many times cheated Weimou property. By the time the case was committed, a total of 436,000 yuan had been defrauded by Wei and then squandered. During this period, in order to gain the trust of Wei Mou, Li Mou, in the name of Suzhou Automobile Transport Group, issued five monthssalary and welfare and a set of work clothes for Wei Mou, totaling about 10,000 yuan. During this period, Li also promised to his aunt Han Mou, his fathers friend Cai Mou, Wei Mou and Yuan Mou that they could arrange for their children to work in Suzhou Auto Transport Group. By the time of the case, Li Mou cheated Han Mou 130,000, Wei Mou 127,000, Cai Mou 90,000 and Yuan Mou 140,000 yuan. On April 23, 2018, Weimou reported that he had been defrauded by Li Mou, and then the case was committed. At 22:00 on June 20, 2018, police officers from Zhuxianzhuang Police Station of Longqiao Branch of Suzhou Public Security Bureau arrested Li Mou at Sofitel Hotel in Dangshan County, Suzhou. The court of Longqiao District in the first instance held a hearing that the acts of the defendant Li Mou constituted the crime of fraud. Li Mou can be given a lighter punishment according to law if he confesses his crime truthfully after he returns to the case. Judgment according to law: First, the defendant, Li Mou, commits fraud and is sentenced to 12 yearsimprisonment with a fine of RMB 100,000 yuan; second, the defendant, Li Mou, is ordered to repay all the money of the victims. Li Mou refused to appeal to the Suzhou Intermediate Court.

According to the investigation of the Suzhou Intermediate Court of Justice, the appellant, Li Mou, used the method of fabricating facts and concealing the truth for the purpose of illegal possession, repeatedly defrauded the victims, such as Wei Mou, Han Mou, Wei Mou, Yuan Mou and Cai Mou, totaling 874,600 yuan. The amount of money was especially huge, and his actions constituted the crime of fraud. The facts of the original judgment are clear, the evidence is solid and sufficient, and the conviction is accurate. The trial procedure is lawful. Reject the appeal according to law and maintain the original judgment.

Source: Zhongan Online Responsible Editor: Yang Yi_NBJ10647