Bosses indulge in gambling and become porters fraudulently defrauding the whole country for more than ten times

 Bosses indulge in gambling and become porters fraudulently defrauding the whole country for more than ten times

Zhongan Online and Zhongan News Clients payment has been transferred, but the delivery is delayed. On the eve of the Spring Festival, many businessmen in Zhouguduidui wholesale market in Hefei suffered losses. Yesterday, the reporter learned from Yaohai Branch of Hefei Public Security Bureau that the second criminal police team in the responsible area of the bureau had detected a telecommunications fraud case. The suspect was originally a boss, who still pretended to be the boss after losing his savings due to gambling addiction.

Payment has been transferred, but the recipient is pulled black by the other party.

On the eve of the Spring Festival, the Second Criminal Police Team of Yaohai Branch of Hefei Public Security Bureau received a series of alarms from businessmen in Zhougu frozen meat wholesale market, claiming that they had been cheated out of tens of thousands of yuan by Wechat.

According to preliminary investigation, the victimized merchants all met an owner who claimed to be doing frozen meat business in a wholesale market in Nanjing through Wechat. The price quoted far below the market price attracted the victim merchants to transfer money to buy. But when the goods were not received, Wechat was blackened by the other party.

Although the Weixin accounts involved in several cases are different, and the names of the self-proclaimed manufacturers are different, the police confirmed that the same person committed the crime. The pictures of the products on the Weixin account are identical, and the methods of committing crimes are similar. Qin and Han police officers told reporters that in addition to attracting low prices, the other side also reported the name of the delivery driver, and sometimes provided photos of the shipping documents, which won the trust of the victim merchants.

There are also several merchants who insist on payment on delivery and eventually receive frozen meat. Qin and Han Dynasty said that through the relevant information, the suspect was more familiar with the wholesale frozen meat business.

The suspect fell into the net and solved more than ten cases jointly and severally

The police handled the information fraud case investigation platform of the Ministry of public security, combing the suspects micro signals, bank card numbers and other information, and found that all the fraudulent illicit money will eventually flow into a Alipay account after the three transfer.

Through this account, the identity of the suspect Qian Mou surfaced. He not only fraudulently committed fraud against businessmen in Zhouguduidui market in Hefei, but also used similar tactics in the field. Qin and Han Dynasty told reporters that the victims involved in Anqing, Zunyi, Guizhou, Nanjing, Jiangsu and other places, preliminary verification has been committed dozens of cases, the amount of money involved remains to be counted.

Through further investigation, the police arrested Qian Mou at Zhougugudui wholesale market, when he was working as a porter in a fruit store in the market, during which time he committed telecommunication fraud. Police seized three mobile phones, eight bank cards and more than 33,000 yuan of stolen money.

Lose your savings by gambling and cheat by pretending to be your boss

After the suspect Qian Mou arrived at the case, he confessed to the crime of defrauding other peoples property by pretending to be a frozen meat wholesaler. According to the investigation, Qian is about 30 years old. He is from Zongyang, Anhui Province. He has been engaged in frozen meat wholesale business in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. He is a successful businessman and has some savings. But after indulging in online gambling, Qian Mou had no time to take care of his business and lost all his savings. Finally, his business was forced to close.

On the eve of the Spring Festival, Qian Mou, who had nowhere to go, came to Hefei to work in Zhougugudui wholesale market and lied to his family that he was still busy in business. It turned out that when he sold frozen meat abroad, many businesses trusted him to make direct payments, and he used otherstrust to defraud him. Qin and Han Dynasty said that because he was familiar with frozen meat business and had dealings with logistics companies, although he was a porter, he still pretended to be the boss and talked with people about business, thus carrying out fraud.

At present, Qian Mou has been detained criminally. More than ten fraud cases involving other cities and cities in the country are still under further verification and investigation.

Since the Reporting to the People and Creating a Peaceful Hefei campaign was launched, the Second Criminal Police Team in the Responsible Area of Yaohai Public Security Bureau has always maintained a high spirit of fighting to solve major and minor cases. It has concentrated on combing and tackling difficult telecommunication fraud cases, actively adopted various means of detection, practiced the purpose of serving the people, and put the protection of the lives and property of the people first. To win the satisfaction of peoples sense of security with practical actions.

Source: Zhongan Online Responsible Editor: Yang Yi_NBJ10647