Married men who falsely use other peoples identities to fall in love and get married were torn apart by the police.

 Married men who falsely use other peoples identities to fall in love and get married were torn apart by the police.

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Married men pick up other peoples identity cards, change jobs with each others identity, and someone introduces him to his girlfriend. Having been together for several years, talking about marriage and marriage, the woman asked for a marriage certificate. At this time, the mans false use of other peoples identity was finally exposed.

In 2015, Mao Mao (a pseudonym, female, 28 years old, from Suzhou) who lived in Suzhou, was introduced to Xiao Chen of Luzhou, Sichuan Province. With their contacts, their love relationship was determined.

When Mao Maos parents saw that Xiao Chen was very considerate to his daughter and more and more satisfied with the prospective son-in-law, they asked Xiao Chen about his family situation many times. Xiao Chen always covered up and ignored the importance of replies, which made the old couple feel that Xiao Chen was hiding something.

But when the old couple saw that their daughter was dead-hearted towards Xiao Chen, they did not take it seriously. Then they began to announce their daughters marriage. But at this critical moment, Xiao Chen said that his ID card had been lost and he could not handle the marriage certificate. The old couple felt that something was wrong, so they proposed to accompany Xiao Chen back home for ID card and inquire about Xiao Chens family situation.

On February 18, the family traveled thousands of miles to Luzhou National Guard Station to apply for identity cards. After arriving at the police station, Xiao Chen told the police that his ID card had been lost and needed to be replaced. The police first checked the relevant information of Xiao Chen. When the police inquired about Xiao Chens photos, they suspected that the person who claimed to be Xiao Chen had stolen the identity information of others.

Immediately, the police took Xiao Chen to the inquiry room for questioning. Originally, the original name of this little Chen was Guan Mouhua, 36 years old, a married man from Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, with a daughter. In 2015, Guan Mouhua went to Suzhou to work, during which he picked up his colleague Xiao Chens identity card. Guan Mouhua saw Xiao Chen was younger than himself, so he falsely changed his job with Xiao Chens identity card. Later, he was introduced to Mao Mao Mao. In order to get Mao Mao Fangs heart, Guan Mouhua perfectly concealed everything about himself with Xiao Chens name and Mao Mao Mao Maos contacts.

When the police asked Guan how to face the Mao family, Guan hesitated and gave no results. The police advised Guan to admit his mistake and solve his marital situation. When meeting Mao Maos parents, Guan Mouhua immediately knelt down and confessed his mistake.

At present, Guan Mouhua and Mao Maos family have returned to Suzhou. Before leaving, the police gave Guan Mouhua strict criticism and education, and repeatedly urged his parents to respect Mao Maos decision and settle it peacefully.

It is reported that Guan Mouhua also said that he would change his past and be honest.

Source: Cover News - Responsible Editor of West China Metropolitan Daily: Yang Yi_NBJ10647