The 19300 Work Report on Tax Reduction and Fee Reduction to Guarantee Peoples Livelihood: 58 Applause Rises

 The 19300 Work Report on Tax Reduction and Fee Reduction to Guarantee Peoples Livelihood: 58 Applause Rises

Yesterday morning, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council delivered a report on the work of the government on behalf of the State Council to the second session of the 13th National Peoples Congress. Nearly an hour and a half, 19300 words of reports aroused strong resonance among the representatives and members on the spot, and 58 applauses were heard on the spot. Later on, the more frequent and warm applause, especially when it comes to social hot spots, pain points and difficulties, the Prime Ministers speech received numerous applause.

Talking about the Hot Points of Peoples Livelihood this Year

33 applauses rang from the scene

Beijing Youth Daily reported that when Premier Li Keqiang reviewed his work in 2018, there were seven applauses on the spot. Three of them were courteous responses to Prime Minister Li Keqiangs sincere thanks on behalf of the members when they achieved various achievements in 2018.

In the second part of the report on the work of the government, the general requirements and policy orientation of economic and social development in 2019 were met with five applauses.

In the third part of the report on the work of the government, the tasks of the government in 2019 are described with great emphasis. One by one, the powerful measures aimed at reducing taxes and fees, ensuring peoples livelihood, optimizing business environment and one old, one small are sincere and practical, and the number of applause is more, reaching 33 times.

Enterprise Tax Reduction and Fee Reduction

Average 100 words harvest one applause

In the task part of government work in 2019, Premier Li Keqiang spent about 1,000 words at the beginning to talk about enterprise tax reduction and fee reduction and focus on alleviating the difficulty of financing. The Premier said: We should deepen the reform of value-added tax, reduce the current 16% tax rate of manufacturing industry to 13%, the current 10% tax rate of transportation industry and construction industry to 9%, and ensure that the tax burden of major industries is significantly reduced; maintain the tax rate of 6% first class unchanged, but through supporting measures such as increasing tax credits for production and living services, ensure that tax burden of all industries is only reduced but not increased. ... Over the year, the burden of enterprise tax and social security payment will be reduced by nearly 2 trillion yuan. Real data, so that the vast number of enterprises see a brighter future, will greatly stimulate the vitality of enterprises.

Beijing Youth Daily reporters found that this part of the applause is the most intensive, about 1000 words on the harvest of 9 applause, an average of more than 100 words have a positive applause. It can be seen that this is not only the focus of attention of the majority of enterprises, but also the deep concern of the majority of delegates.

We should crack down on the manufacture and sale of counterfeit and inferior commodities according to law, strengthen the construction of scientific research ethics and style of study, punish academic misconduct, eradicate the problem of wage arrears of migrant workers, promote special struggle against blacks and evils, crack down on economic crimes such as illegal fund-raising and pyramid selling, guard the personal information security of citizens, improve the standard of basic medical insurance subsidies for residents and the reimbursement ratio of serious illness insurance. Behind each initiative, there is a hot social issue, which the government does not shy away from.

In the report, Premier Li Keqiangs strong commitment also demonstrates the determination, confidence and commitment of the Chinese government to meet difficulties. Every commitment has received applause from the delegates. The applause here may be more about the expectations and spurs of the future Chinese society.

The new policy was commended

Two consecutive applause for a sentence

In this report on the work of the government, many new measures and practices are also mentioned, which will benefit the people from a greater breadth and depth. Representatives and members also expressed their support and support for the new government by applause.

For example, Premier Li Keqiang said, Within two years, the provincial toll stations for expressways across the country will be basically abolished... Accelerate the construction of the one net of the toll list, make the toll open and transparent, and let the arbitrary toll collect nowhere to hide. This paragraph has received two applause successively.

For example, this year, the average broadband fee of small and medium-sized enterprises will be reduced by 15%, and the average mobile network traffic fee will be reduced by more than 20%. Such a good policy is bound to be very popular, and the response on the spot is strong.

When talking about the new requirements of government work, Premier Li Keqiang proposed that we should further promote the construction of Party conduct and clean government, strengthen the construction of a clean government and resolutely fight corruption. Governments at all levels should free cadres from Wenshan Meeting, Welcoming Assessments and Material Statements, devote their energies to solving practical problems, reducing and standardizing inspection and assessment matters, streamlining meetings, compressing documents, and submitting papers with the achievements of practical entrepreneurship. Five consecutive applauses were heard on the spot.

It has to be said that the report points out the painful points of the work style of governments at all levels, and to some extent expresses the aspirations of grass-roots cadres. In the future, grass-roots governments will turn to a more efficient and powerful mode of work and service.

Committee members feelings

Government Work Report Stability, Reduction and Strictness

Yue Bingfei is a member of the CPPCC National Committee and a researcher of China Institute of Food and Drug Verification

Listening to Premier Li Keqiangs report, I was very impressed. In the past 2018, China has made very good achievements in all aspects. Under the complicated domestic and international situation, it is not easy to achieve such good results. There are several content feelings, the first is stable, the steady growth of the national economy, stable employment, stable economy. The second feeling is reduction, all kinds of burden reduction, tax reduction and fee reduction, reduction of administrative approval, reduction of all kinds of inspection and so on. The third word is strict. We should severely punish incidents affecting public health and national security, including drug safety incidents and vaccine incidents, and strictly deal with government officialsinaction and misconduct. I feel deeply that the strict font reflects the governments strict working attitude.

Direction for Educators

Liu Ru: Member of the CPPCC National Committee and Head of Beijing Beihai Kindergarten

Everywhere the report highlights people-centered thinking, from infant care to the elderly pension issues, from tax cuts to various hot topics of concern, the applause of one after another shows that the report is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and in line with public opinion. The report also embodies the word pragmatic, which reflects the realistic and pragmatic work style of the current government in terms of achievements in 2018 and work in 2019. It gives people a clear goal and solid measures, and firmly believes that the yearning for a better life is imminent.

There are also some expressions such as good service is part, bad service is dereliction of duty, let the elderly have a happy old age, later people have a promising future, which fully reflects the concept of people-oriented, let people listen to the special warmth.

As a preschool educator, I am also very concerned about the contents of the report. The report refers to the development of more equitable and quality education. It adds two words of more to last years report, which is very important and points out the direction for our educators.