Chu Shijians Legendary Life at the age of 91: Creating Legend of Encouragement after the disaster of prison

 Chu Shijians Legendary Life at the age of 91: Creating Legend of Encouragement after the disaster of prison

On March 5, 2019, 14 months after decentralization, Chu Shijian died at the age of 91. Yesterday afternoon, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the staff of Zhushijians fitness side that Zhushijian died in Yuxi, Yunnan, at 1:20 p.m. that day. The cause of death was heart failure and renal failure caused by complications of diabetes mellitus.

Chu Shijians staff told Beiqing Daily that Zhu Shijian had been hospitalized for more than ten days. On the third day of hospitalization, he said, I dont want to be hospitalized, the hospital is uncomfortable, and proposed to go home. The doctor said that he was too ill and asked him to stay for another eight or nine days. On the eighth day after that, the man left.

Staff said that at noon on March 4, Chu Shijian could not speak. It was a sudden walk. The staff member accompanied Chu Shijian for decades. He said that before his death, Chu Shijian had not explained how to deal with his aftermath. At present, Zhus family is still in discussion.

Entrepreneurial life

51 years old as director of Yuxi Cigarette Factory

For Chu Shijian, the first half of his life had the same trajectory as many contemporaries: he was born in a peasant family; he joined the army before liberation and fought guerrillas; he worked in the government after liberation; he was classified as a rightist in the political movement and devolved to farms; he returned to work after the anti-revolt.

From the age of 51, Chu Shijians life has entered a completely different path from that of his peers. How glorious the first half of the road is, how painful it is in the middle, and what is the spirit of struggle in the later part of the road for everyone to see. He reclaimed his career like a cow and measured his land. Someone once asked, Chu Lao, what epitaph do you want to leave for yourself? Chu Lao, a rabbit, answered five words slowly and firmly:

Chu Shijian is an ox.

At the age of 51, Chu Shijian was appointed director of Yuxi Cigarette Factory. At that time, the factory was just a regional cigarette factory on the verge of closing down and heavily indebted. Shortly after the handicraft factory took over, the tide of reform and opening up swept over China. Zhu Shijian and Yuxi Cigarette Factory led by him introduced modern cigarette equipment, regarded the tobacco field as an enterprise, the first workshop and implemented the three in one management system. In the second year of reform, Yuxi Cigarette Factory became the first enterprise in the same industry in China, and it also entered a period of rapid development. In 1988, the output of Yuxi Cigarette Factory exceeded one million boxes for the first time. In 1990, Chu Shijian was awarded National Excellent Entrepreneur. In 1991, Hongta Mountain won the National Gold Prize for Excellence. On November 28, 1993, Yunnan Hongtashan Group Co., Ltd. was established. In 1994, Chu Shijian was named one of the top ten reformers. In 1998 or so, fixed assets amounted to 7 billion yuan, annual profits and taxes were 20 billion yuan, and the first Chinese brand Hongta Mountain with a value of 33.2 billion yuan was founded, ranking first in Asia and fifth in the world among tobacco enterprises.

You cant escape from prison in an old and scarce age

It brings enormous profits to enterprises, but it does not get matching returns due to the system problems. A business with a profit and tax of over ten billion dollars is said to have the same wages as its workers. This huge gap led Chu Shijian to the biggest mistake in his life.

In 1995, the Central Commission for Discipline and Discipline Inspection received a report that individual tobacco vendors colluded with tobacco companies in Luoyang, Henan Province to obtain cigarette indicators by bribing Chu Shijians family members. Chu Shijians daughter and wife were arrested and jailed. At the end of that year, Chu Shijians daughter committed suicide in prison. From December 1996 to 1998, Chu Shijian was screened in isolation.

On January 9, 1999, the Yunnan Provincial Higher Peoples Court, known as the model of modern legal documents, issued a judgment of 8,000 words, declaring that Chu Shijian was sentenced to life imprisonment and deprivation of political rights for life for the crime of huge embezzlement and huge amount of property of unknown origin.

The case triggered a huge controversy at that time, and ultimately Chu Shijians unknown property was found to be $1.74 million. And this is much less than the value it creates by leading the enterprise. Some people praise Shijian for shouting grievances. Chu Shijians case objectively accelerated the reform of executive compensation system in state-owned enterprises.

However, no matter how controversial the case may be, the court decided the facts. A generation of Chinese tobacco barons fell and went to prison. Chu Shijian was 71 years old at that time.

Create inspirational legend after release from prison

Two years later, Chu Shijian was commuted to 17 yearsimprisonment. In the same year, patients with severe diabetes were granted medical parole, and their activities were restricted to their home areas.

In 2002, Zhu Shijian and his wife contracted a 2,400 Mu barren hill and planted oranges. This year, he was 74 years old. At that time, he was penniless and was financed by an overseas Chinese. At that time, when he was already full of silver hair, he started his second venture on a hilltop in Ailao Mountain.

In the following days, Chu Shijian was paroled, commuted and released in 2011. In the process of medical parole and parole, Chu Shijian stayed on Ailao Mountain in his hometown and became an orange farmer. How to grow oranges well is what Chu Shijian considers every day after he is 74 years old, and this effort and effort have been rewarded in the market.

At that time, no one called the orange that was planted vigorously by Chu Shijian Chu Orange. The brand of Bingtang Orange is registered as Cloud Crown, and the companys director is also the wife of Zhu Lao. The Yunguan orange sold in Yunnan is widely accepted for its juicy, good taste and sweet taste.

In 2012, fresh e-commerce brand life has just emerged. The e-commerce platform, which was made by purchasers, contacted the healthy elderly immediately after they learned that they were planting ice-sugar oranges, and redesigned the packaging for oranges. In the autumn of that year, it put oranges on the network platform for trial sale under the name of Zhu Orange, and spread the story of the elderly deep in the mountains to the whole country.

As a result, Zhu Orange has become the inspiration orange in the eyes of many white-collar workers and strugglers, and has become popular on the Internet. At that time, the commercial version of Zhu Orange, which was only available in Beijing, was snatched up overnight. For the first time, Chinese e-commerce enterprises felt the power of story-driven. Originally, LifeNet became famous by this event. This year, Chu Shijian was 84 years old.

Although oranges are famous, people are once again in the spotlight. But for Chu Shijian himself, the orange planted on the mountain is the most important.

37,000 trees were cut for quality in the last ninety days of the year

Maybe it was born with oranges. After entering Beijing, Zhu Shijians oranges began to be sold in large areas throughout the country, and the orange brand originally called Yunguan was also spontaneously called Zhu Orange by consumers. It is undeniable that this is the recognition of Zhu Shijian and his products.

Unexpectedly, after three years of praise, in 2015, Chu Shijian met with the first large-scale online criticism, which made the quality of Chu orange questioned - small fruit, light fruit taste... Consumer negative emotions poured out. When Chu Shijian learned, he could not sleep at night. He was very anxious.

In Chu Shijians view, problems can not be avoided. So, in view of the decline in orange quality in 2015, Chu Shijian himself reviewed the company. In December of the same year, he apologized publicly in the media: This year is not really good.

In 2016, Chu Shijian seldom went out, devoted himself to rectifying deviations and improving quality. His grandson-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Li Yaxin, were called back from Canada to study technology. The couple also had an orchard of their own and studied planting.

Despite the decline in fruit quality, fruit farmers say that because of several intensive rains, agriculture depends on the weather to eat, so in the eyes of fruit farmers and base technicians, this is justifiable. But Chu Shijian felt that fruit growers and technicians were looking for steps for themselves. We deal with the land every day, naturally we know the years, but where do consumers know? When people pay for real gold and silver, the products you give them will be worth the money.

Later, Chu Shijian found that rainwater was the main reason, but fruit trees became more and more mature, crown increased and density increased, which also affected the light and ventilation of fruit trees. He pondered for days on his own, held several rounds of meetings, and made a decision: cutting trees and pruning. He also gave a specific data: fruit tree spacing must be 3 meters, less than 3 meters, all cut down.

According to this calculation, there were 230,000 fruit trees in the 320 Mu fruit forest at that time. If the plant spacing had to be 3 meters, 37,000 trees would have to be cut down, that is, about 2,000 tons of fruit production. According to the external price of oranges at that time, the value of these fruits was about 230 million.

Only I can make this decision. Chu Shijian spoke absolutely. Not only that, but he also decided not to increase the price of the fruit: Last year did not eat well, this year must eat satisfactorily. Kung Fu pays no attention. In the autumn of that year, Chu Orange was obviously bigger than the previous year.

Until his death, Chu Shijian, with the help of his staff, frequently went to the mountains to see the fruit trees.

Last minute

Video refutes rumors when they were rumored to have died

In 2017, the output value of a single orange product reached 200 million yuan. But in September, there was an Oolong about Chu Shijians death.

At that time, Wang Wei, chairman of the China Finance Museum, posted a message on Weibo that Chu Shijian died today at the age of 89, which suddenly exploded the Internet.

After verification by the media, it was confirmed that the news was false. Chu Shijian also released a video refuting rumors on the Internet. In the video, Zhu Shijian said, Say that old Zhu died, my body is better than before, I am good, my spirit is better than in previous years.

At that time, Chu Yibin, the son of Chu Shijian, also sent two short videos to refute rumors in his circle of personal friends. In the video, Chu Shijian was still watching the Yunnan Daily published on September 13, 2017. According to media reports, Chu Yibin also said that Chu Shijians body was very good, and he walked in the vegetable market for an hour that morning to buy vegetables.

After the media dispelled the rumors, Wang Wei deleted the above-mentioned micro-blog and said to the outside: In the morning, when I saw the news of Chus death in the crowd, I suddenly regretted it, so I forwarded the condolences on the micro-blog. After being told that it was a mistake, it was immediately deleted. However, it was forwarded by several media, which brought troubles to the family members, friends who loved it and several media, and made a special bow to apologize. Congratulations on Chu Laos health and well-being. You are an example to inspire our generation.

Chu Yibin, the son of decentralization

Perhaps it was passed down as death, so Chu Shijian had some other thoughts in mind. For the inheritance of his wealth, Chu Yibin, his son, and Li Yaxin, his grandson-in-law, were the most favored by the outside world, but they also made Chu Shijian feel troubled.

On January 17, 2018, Yunnan Zhushi Fruit Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in Zhuorange Manor, Yuxi City, Yunnan Province. Zhu Yibin was the general manager and Zhu Shijian was the chairman of the company. This means that Chu Shijian finally chose Chu Yibin as his successor.

This day is six days away from Chu Shijians 90th birthday.

According to Tian Eye Check data, the registration time of Yunnan Zhushi Fruit Industry Co., Ltd. is November 29, 2017. The registered capital is 15 million yuan, and the legal representative is Chu Yibin.

According to public information, Chu Shijiansheng owned four shares (excluding one that had been cancelled) and also served as senior executives in five companies. Among them, Yunnan Zhushijian Agricultural Co., Ltd. is controlled by Zhu Shijian, his wife Ma Jingfen and his only son Zhu Yibin.

In October 2018, in a simple conference room of Zhu Orange Manor on Ailao Mountain, Yunnan Province, the launch ceremony of Zhu Orange Sales in 2018 was held. This is the first time that Chu Yibin formally stood in front of the platform and accepted the test of the market.

Although some illnesses inevitably arise in the body and people need to support their shoulders when walking, Chu Shijian, 91, appeared at the ceremony and sat from beginning to end.

At the meeting that day, Chu Yibin said that the planting scale of Chu orange would be expanded. Its Hengguan Taida Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. plans to reach 20,000 mu base, 40,000 tons of production capacity and 700 million yuan of comprehensive output value in the next four years.

In addition, the cultivation types of Chus agriculture should be expanded. I set myself a task to make more orange products. Chu Yibin said that he could not lie on the old hero and eat the old book, which is his request.

Eventually Legend

Be taken as an example by the business elite

While Zhu Orange is selling well, many people want to visit Zhu Shijian spontaneously. They have heard his views on entrepreneurship and life, and some people regard it as a journey of self-sublimation.

Among them, there were many business leaders who had become famous at that time, such as Wang Shi and Liu Qiangdong.

Liu Qiangdong evaluates Chu Shijian as a model of Chinese entrepreneurship. Faced with challenges and setbacks, Vietnam War is an indelible manifestation of entrepreneurship. It is Chu Laos perseverance in quality that makes todays Chu Orange a success.

Liu Chuanzhi and Wang Jianlin also spoke about Chu Shijian, expressing their regret for his experience and admiring his entrepreneurship.

Among the numerous evaluations, Wang Shijian, who visited Zhu Shijian many times, made the most accurate and far-reaching comments on Zhu Lao. Wang Shi said, I have many fans, but I am a fan of Chu Shijian. He is not only the pride of Yunnan people, but also the pride of our entrepreneurs. The measure of a persons success is not when he stands at the peak, but when he falls from the peak to the bottom of the valley.

After learning about Chu Laos death, a website issued a eulogy saying: Mr. Gao has a lofty ambition, frustration and seeking, laughing at reputation; Mr. Chu has a rare career, rooted in grief, and finally achieved orange success and a sweet life; only the spirit of struggle in adversity, the ingenuity of work, through thousands of sacrifices, will inspire my generation forever. There are always ups and downs in life and spirits can be inherited.

Zhu Shijian, 88, wrote in a self-report: From the death of my father in 1943, when I finished primary school in my hometown, to the arrival of Kunming in 1944, I had been away from that small village for 70 years. I didnt want to be okay. When I think about it, I think the years are really long. I seldom recall the past. There are too many memories. I cant recall the past. I have to look forward. If it hadnt been for your asking, I would have been reluctant to tell people about the past. Hope to bring them some life reference, thats all.

Talking about the origin of Chu Shijian Zhuan is also a good story. It is well known that Wang Shi and Chu Lao-biao pity each other. More than ten years ago, Wang Shi visited Chu Lao for the first time. At that time, Chu Shijian had just begun to grow oranges. On the day Wang Shi went up the mountain, Chu Shijian was squatting on the ground and bargaining with the people who repaired the pump. Chu Lao talked to Wang Shi about planting oranges and dancing with flying eyebrows. Wang Shi was greatly admired. In April 2014, Wang Shi went to Ailao Mountains again and put forward his rare experience of honoring the elderly. He suggested writing it down.

This is the most comprehensive biography of Chu Shijian, about the origin of this book, about the different perspectives of understanding Chu Shijian, the author Zhou Hui in the preface This is the case in this book... u300b The answer is given.

Preface excerpt

He never withered.

In an interview, I was sitting in the living room of Zhus family, and the formal topic was almost the same. I talked to him about his young colleagues, middle-aged and young entrepreneurs, their views on corporate governance, their struggles and business wars... Chu Shijian sat on the sofa and listened carefully. He slowly sipped a few pines and said with a smile in the authentic Yunnan dialect, Is it a bit complicated? In fact, its not that difficult to build an enterprise.

This sentence touched me a lot. As we all know, Chu Shijian has made great achievements in enterprise management. Yuxi Cigarette Factory has become the king of Asian tobacco industry. It is difficult to get an orange in the market by planting and managing Zhu Shijian. He is highly praised by entrepreneurs and studied by the media. Everyone is asking, Why is it possible to do whatever you like when you are celebrating? But outside the mountains, he said softly, Where is it so difficult?

I noticed that every time he talked to me about his business career, he didnt really talk about it as a success, he was not complacent and seldom summarized it, but as an interesting thing, he recalled the details of the process, and then he enjoyed it very much and laughed happily.

When others exhaust their saliva, he actually has only one sentence. In fact, he is a simple man.

The first time we followed Wang Shi to see him in Ailao Mountains, we read his agricultural science books in the office of the plantation base. It is said that in the past ten years, Zhu Shijian led farmers to grow ice-sugar orange mainly by these thin, old books, which were almost the edition of the 1960s and 1970s, and were widely used by county-level agricultural science and technology extension workers. But through these books, Chu Shijian launched a unique orange.

In the eyes of the public, he is a legend with strong characteristics of the times, a tragic character full of sadness, and even now the success of orange orange appears tragic. But as I approached Chu Jian, I realized that Chu was calmer than anyone in understanding his own lifes ups and downs. Reform has to pay a price. This is his answer to Wang Shi in 2003. Ten years later, Chu Orange succeeded. I asked him how he thought about the disaster in prison. He and his wife Ma Jingfen both said, In fact, when I think about it, I should thank him for that experience. Without that experience, there would not be today. Their voice was calm and their eyes were firm. I believe in their sincerity.

There are some interesting details. I asked him about his hobbies when he was young. He said, Catch fish. Ma Jingfen talked about Chu Shijians job transfer in 1979. At that time, he had two choices. One was Yuxi Cigarette Factory and the other was a mine in the mountainous area. Chu Shijian was eager to go to the mine for only one reason: there was hunting.

When I asked why the 74-year-old had to start a business when he came out of prison in 2002, he said to me, Its always good to find something to do. Whats the point of idleness? u2014u2014 His entrepreneurship has nothing to do with ambition, nothing to do with legend, only with his habits of life: doing things, not idle.

Some people once used General MacArthurs famous saying to describe Chu Shijian: The veteran is not dead, he is only withered. In fact, this statement is not accurate, Chu Shijian has never been, and will not wither.