Jianye complained to the Football Association about foreign aid fracture: Violence should be severely punished

 Jianye complained to the Football Association about foreign aid fracture: Violence should be severely punished

In the first round of the Chinese Super League, the construction industry foreign aid Dorado was seriously injured after the foul and suffered a comminuted fracture of the right leg and tibia. Although the operation has been successful, the possibility of reimbursement for the season is very high.

After that game, the construction industry carefully studied the video of the game, combined with the Disciplinary Guidelines of the Chinese Football Association of 2019, comprehensively considered the situation of fouls in the absence of balls and resulting in adverse consequences, and drafted complaint materials overnight. Guo Guangqi, general manager of Jianye Football Club, rushed to the Chinese Football Association on the 4th to formally submit a complaint report.

After the research on the identification of fouls by the relevant leaders and coaches of Henan Jianye Football Club, it is concluded that:

The foul was caused by player No. 16 of the other side. In order to save his face from breakthrough and defensive mistakes, he chose to kick people behind his back deliberately in the absence of the ball, which led to the fall of Dorado. After the fall of Dorado, the foul player followed him to the ground and the opponents foul player fell to the ground. The instant again injured Dorados calf, resulting in the immediate comminuted fracture of the tibia of Dorados right leg.

Before the first round of matches, the Chinese Football Associations referee department appointed the referee to supervise. In the unified law enforcement planning and law enforcement standard announcement for coaches and players for the 2019 season, it emphasized the definition criteria of serious fouls and violence. In the absence of a ball, the intentional kicking behind the person causes serious consequences and should be considered as violence.

In order to protect the rights and interests of players, protect the safety of players and maintain the image of the Chinese Super League, Henan Jianye Football Club decided to appeal to the Chinese Football Association under the circumstances of comprehensively promoting the rule of law, building a credible society and safeguarding fairness and justice.

Jianye Football Club, as the only team that has not changed its name since the professionalization reform of Chinese football, has not changed its original intention for 25 years. The Club believes that punishing malicious violations severely is the requirement of the rule of law, the requirement of the sports spirit of fair competition and the moral requirement of civilization and friendship. The healthy development of Chinese football calls for a clean and well-regulated environment for the Super League.

At present, China Football Association has accepted the complaint of Jianye Football Club and will give a reply after careful study in the near future.

After Dorado was injured, all members of the Construction Club attached great importance to it. They were sent to the hospital for treatment at the first time and ensured the best medical security for Dorado. On March 4, Dorado underwent a successful operation and is currently in the post-operative observation period.

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