Figure 4 shows you the key words of the government work report from 1978 to 2019

 Figure 4 shows you the key words of the government work report from 1978 to 2019

Some words appear more and more frequently in the Government Work Report. Innovation has been mentioned frequently since 1997. Because of its growth trend, surging news calls such words trumpet-shaped words. Similar words include employment, entrepreneurship, peoples livelihood and poverty alleviation.

It is noteworthy that the Government Work Report of 2019 points out that this year, a larger tax reduction will be implemented, and the burden of corporate social security contributions will be significantly reduced. According to the trend of the key words in the 42-year Report on the Work of the Government, the words tax reduction, reduction, social security and so on can also see the obvious growth trend.

Peng Mei News also compared the trend of several groups of keywords over the past 42 years. Compared with industry and agriculture, the situation mentioned in the past 40 years has been relatively stable, but the degree of both references has tended to be the same in recent years. Since 2000, manufacturing and service industry have been mentioned almost at the same time, but service industry has been mentioned more frequently than manufacturing industry.

Although some words appear relatively less frequently in the Report on the Work of the Government, the time when they first appeared reflects the hot issues concerned by the Chinese people at that time.

Analytical methods:

1. All the original textual materials in this paper come from the government work report of the Chinese Government Network from 1978 to 2019.

2. This paper uses Jieba participle ( Accurate word segmentation mode is adopted to avoid repetition and ambiguity. Numbers, words and punctuation were removed from the segmentation results.

3. In order to increase the accuracy of word segmentation, a custom dictionary is added on the basis of Jieba word segmentation. The custom dictionary mainly contains the hot words of the past two sessions of Peoples Net and Xinhua Net.

4. On the basis of word segmentation, TF-IDF weighting technique is adopted. The importance of words increases with the number of times they appear in the text, but decreases inversely with the frequency they appear in the corpus. The corpus used in this paper is the government work report from 1978 to 2019.

5. Words related to merger: anti-corruption includes anti-corruption, anti-corruption, corruption, anti-corruption; cities and towns; haze includes PM2.5, haze.