Bali honeymoon soup, which women snatched at a low price, brought the businessmen to court

 Bali honeymoon soup, which women snatched at a low price, brought the businessmen to court

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In August 2018, in order to celebrate her honeymoon, Miss Zhang of Chengdu booked an eight-day and six-night trip to Bali at 2599 yuan per person at a flagship joint travel shop on a travel platform two months in advance. But to her surprise, the journey was full of twists and turns.

Shortly after the order was placed, the staff of the Home Travel Flagship Store told her that the scheduled departure schedule for the 2 October tour was not planned yet, and asked her to change it to 3 October.

But Miss Zhang soon found that the original booked itinerary not only has room, but also the price has increased a lot. Miss Zhang, who insisted on the original itinerary, paid according to the original price and received the consumption code. Soon, the staff of the travel agency admitted to her that it was wrong price and asked her to refund or change the price.

In late September, Miss Zhang was notified by the travel agency that the flight was cancelled, the trip on October 3 could not be completed, and the trip on October 2 could not be provided. She could only delay or increase her money to travel ahead of schedule, and expressed her willingness to compensate 500 yuan. The honeymoon trip was nowhere to go. Miss Zhang took the travel agency and the platform to court.

The price is wrong

Frequent rescheduling of the schedule of Tie Ding Chuan

On the evening of August 1, 2018, Miss Zhang, who is planning her honeymoon trip, watched an eight-day six-night trip to Bali at the Home Travel Flagship Shop on a certain platform.

Chengdu Zhonggang International Travel Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China-Hong Kong Travel Service) is the certification of this business on the platform. It is stated on the itinerary page that this is a five-star air direct flight semi-self-service tour, marked with the words Tie Ding Tuan and Second Confirmation. When she browsed the price, Miss Zhang found that except for the travel price of October 3, which was 2999 yuan per person, the price of other dates in October was 2599 yuan per person.

After consideration, Miss Zhang placed an order at 23:16 p.m. that night for a two-person trip to Bali on October 2, 2018. She booked a package of A trips at a price of 2,599 yuan per person.

Shortly after placing the order, Miss Zhang received a telephone call from a staff member of the China-Hong Kong Travel Agency. The other party told me that the original plan for October 2 was not out, and that the system had just been submitted. Maybe it was wrong to operate the system there, because this needs to be reconfirmed twice. I asked if I could adjust the time. But there are only slightly more expensive trips on Oct. 2 and Sept. 29, and only trips on Oct. 3 cost the same as before. Miss Zhang said that she agreed to change her trip to the 3rd.

At 23:29, Miss Zhang received a message confirming her success. But a few minutes later, Miss Zhang found that things were not as unplanned as the travel agency said. There was still a package A on the platform she wanted to book for October 2, but the price was raised from 2599 to 6599, and there was still room left.

At 23:38, Miss Zhang, who thought she had been deceived, said to the staff of the travel agency that she should continue to carry out her trip on October 2 at the original price, and paid the order at 23:42 for a total of 4598 yuan (600 yuan with coupons). One minute later, she received the consumer code sent by the platform.

At 0.23 a.m. on August 2, the worker told Miss Zhang in a Wechat that she had made a mistake in the price on October 2 because of her mistake, and that before she had time to revise the price, Miss Zhang placed the order.

They still said they couldnt continue to travel as scheduled, asking me to raise the price or apply for a refund. Miss Zhang did not accept the solution proposed by the travel agency, but still said that she would proceed according to the schedule of October 2.


The travel agency said it was willing to pay 500 yuan.

According to the platforms instructions, after payment is completed, the platform will receive a short message prompt, informing the supplier of the consumption code in the short message is a successful transaction. At about 17:30 p.m. on August 2, Miss Zhang informed the China-Hong Kong Travel Agency online of the consumption codes she received, and received a reply from the travel agency OK.

In Ms. Zhangs opinion, her reservation was on October 2, but on September 20, 2018, travel agency staff informed Ms. Zhang by Wechat that the flight on October 3 had been cancelled. According to an airline rescheduling slip, the issuer is neither an airline nor a travel agency or platform, but an organization named Baili Choose One Bali United Center.

Miss Zhang was full of doubts. I have lost trust in them and felt that I was cheating consumers by making excuses to change the date again and again. She refused the travel agencys request to extend or revise the price to September 29.

On September 23, 2018, when contacting the staff of the travel agency for follow-up information, a staff member surnamed Zhao confirmed to Miss Zhang that she was unable to provide a trip on October 2, but was willing to pay 500 yuan to apologize.

Institute proceedings

The travel agency said it was up to the court to decide everything.

When the honeymoon was over, Miss Zhang told the travel agency that she had taken it to court. On January 24, 2019, when she contacted travel agency staff to ask if she had received the subpoena, she received such a reply: You should be unhappy in your family, so you cant find anything?

On February 19, 2019, the Red Star journalist contacted the Zhao surname staff of the China-Hong Kong Travel Agency. He said, This matter is going to go to court soon. The real situation of the company colleagues and her (referring to Miss Zhang) is not specific unless the evidence is finally available.

As for whether the dispute was caused by the wrong price, Zhao said it was not the case, but the specific reason is I dont know, it should be clear in the court at last?

He thought it was a small dispute in the tourism industry. I dont think its necessary to go to court for such a small matter. Its a communication barrier between two people. If she doesnt accept it, she goes through legal procedures.

At present, the Red Star journalist learned from Miss Zhang that due to the platform sides jurisdictional objection, the case has not yet been heard, the reporter will continue to pay attention to this matter.

Source: Responsible Editor of Chengdu Business Daily: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310