A 21-year-old female college student lost her connection for four days. Police found a schoolbag and a mobile phone near the reservoir.

 A 21-year-old female college student lost her connection for four days. Police found a schoolbag and a mobile phone near the reservoir.

Tang Fen, a 21-year-old female student from Puan, Guizhou, who was originally scheduled to return to school by bus on March 1, has not yet returned to school and has lost her connection. On March 5, Tang Mingjun, the father of Tang Fen, a missing female college student, found the newspaper, hoping to report the incident and find his daughter.

Tang Fen

It is understood that the girl named Tang Fen, 21 years old, is a member of the Tiejie Group of Yanglong Village, Khmer Township, Puan County, Guizhou Province. At present, he is a junior in Liaodong University, majoring in financial management.

Tang Mingjun, the girls father, told reporters that as early as the Spring Festival, her daughter told herself that all the train tickets for this years trip back to school had been bought, first from Puan to Guiyang, Guiyang to Beijing, and finally to Dandong, Liaoning.

Early on March 1, Tang Mingjun was going to take his daughter directly to the railway station, but her daughter suddenly insisted that she take a bus to the railway station at the bus station. He took her directly to Puan County bus station and left for home.

Afterwards, Tang Mingjun contacted Tang Fen through his mobile phone to ask if he had boarded the bus, but he never responded. Tang Mingjun thought that Tang Fens return journey from Guizhou to Liaoning was very tired, which usually took two days, so he shut down and rested, and the family did not think about anything else.

The next day, Tang Long, the youngest brother of Tang Fens family, suddenly received a bank transfer of 2493 yuan from Tang Fen, and Tang Fens phone was no longer available.

On March 3, Tang Fens head teacher suddenly contacted Tang Mingjun and asked why Tang Fen did not attend school. As soon as Tang Mingjun heard this, he became anxious and began to contact Tang Fens classmates and friends as well as his relatives in the county town. Meanwhile, Tang Mingjun and his wife rushed to Puan County to report to the police, but there was no news.

After receiving Tang Mingjuns report, Puan police inquired that Tang Fen had no recent train booking records.

According to the surveillance video, Tang Fen appeared near Dongfeng Reservoir in the county town at 18:51 on March 1, and posted a video on his mobile phone near the reservoir. At 8:50 a.m. on March 2, Tang Fen posted a statement in his QQ space that there was no text, only the location was shown near the countys Jinqiao Broadway. Since then, Tang Fen has lost any dynamic.

According to Tang Mingjun, Tang Fen was about 1.55 meters tall. When she left home on March 1, she wore a purple jacket, blue broad-legged trousers, blue shoes, a black backpack and a black mask.

He said that Tang Fen was a big sister and had two younger brothers in her family. She was usually more clever and introvert and did not like to talk, but her family relationship had been very harmonious. Before returning to school on March 1, he chatted with his mother about his family life, and there was no abnormal reaction. The Tang Mingjun family did not know why their daughter suddenly lost contact.

On March 4, police found Tang Fens schoolbag and mobile phone near the fence of Dongfeng Reservoir.

The reporter contacted Mr. Chen, the class counselor of Tang Fens university, and said that Tang Fen has not returned to school so far.

By the time this newspaper was published, Tang Fens whereabouts were still unknown. At present, the police say the case is under further investigation.

Source: Author of Guiyang Evening News: Liang Junpeng, Editor-in-Charge: Su Honghong_NBJ9980