Face up to the controversy! The president of the Forbidden City Corner Restaurant stopped supplying hot pot.

 Face up to the controversy! The president of the Forbidden City Corner Restaurant stopped supplying hot pot.

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The Palace Museum stopped supplying chafing dishes and watching videos with friends who hadnt eaten them.

On March 4, the restaurant at the Forbidden City Corner stopped serving hot pot. In recent years, some people have questioned the increasing commercialization of the Palace Museum, but in fact, the Palace Museum has been de-commercialized.

During the Spring Festival this year, the Palace Museum opened the Forbidden City Corner Restaurant outside Shenwumen, providing various kinds of simple meals during the day, while at night, combining the characteristics of winter and cold weather, providing the Palace Museum characteristic hot pot, arousing widespread concern. Some netizens said that when they saw the golden imperial edict menu and looked at the Antique Dining environment, they felt as if they were purposeful Shabu pot. Besides the delicacies, they had a unique cultural flavor.

At the same time, some netizens complained that hotpot pricing was somewhat high, cost-effective, and the waiting time was too long, which prompted over-commercialization queries. In response, Shan Jixiang, president of the Palace Museum, said that in recent years, some people questioned the increasing commercialization of the Palace Museum, but in fact the Palace Museum has been commercialized and net red. These projects are designed to better serve the audience, not to pursue interests. In addition, many people have also raised the issue of fire safety in the Forbidden City. To this end, Shan Jixiang responded that hot pot is only a winter item in the corner restaurant. The Forbidden City is most afraid of fire, so the Forbidden City Hotpot is not burning carbon fire, but using electromagnetic cooker, and operating outside the Forbidden City, does not cause danger.

It is reported that the Forbidden City Corner Restaurant will adjust its content in the near future, shorten the waiting time of the audience, and provide a more cost-effective restaurant, which will add more cultural connotations to the restaurant and make every service as satisfying as possible to the audience.

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