Ikardi still refused to play! Meeting formally with Zhang Kangyang to decide the future

 Ikardi still refused to play! Meeting formally with Zhang Kangyang to decide the future

Ikardis contract renewal farce updates the new episode, and the former Inter captain is still reluctant to play for Inter. This matter may be delayed until Milan derby, Ikardi and Zhang Kangyang meet before solving.

Icardi has been saying that he has been sick since he was dismissed as captain in February and has been absent from Inters matches since then. The Italian Evening Post reported that Inter President Zhang Kangyang had called the teams top managers to demand that they put an end to such farces as soon as possible.

But the soap opera continues. The Gazzetta dello Sport headlined today that Icardi has rejected the return invitation of team coach Spalletti. Sky Sports Italia said Ikardi still refused to train this week and will miss the Europa League match against Frankfurt on Thursday night in Italian time. Inter Milan officials have yet to comment publicly on the matter.

Italian media said Icardi will meet Zhang Kangyang to solve the problem. The two sides are expected to meet on March 17, the day of Milans Derby in the second round of the season, which means that Icardi may continue to miss two rounds of League matches, including Milans derby, in addition to the two Europa League matches against Frankfurt.

Many Italian media, headed by Sky Sports, believe that even if the chairman of the team appears, there may not be any progress. After all, the Argentine has publicly questioned whether the teams top managers respect him in addition to the strike. In addition, he has made a controversial move and praised the celebration photos of his arch-rival Juventus.

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