Quick control! Looking for teammate Tashen in the arc of Han Chao Fengsao, we have one head bent down.

 Quick control! Looking for teammate Tashen in the arc of Han Chao Fengsao, we have one head bent down.

Hengda has promulgated new rules in the new season, with a maximum of two foreign players in each match of the Chinese Super League. If there is no accident, the Pagoda combination is the regular foreign aid of Evergrande League, Park Zhisu and Browning can only wait for the opportunity in the Asian Championship. As the Asian Championship belongs to foreign war, Hengda sent a 3+1 foreign aid group to Hiroshima.

When the match went to the 19th minute, Hengda took the lead in scoring and Talista scored Hengdas first goal in the 2019 Asian Championship. At that time, Hengda backcourt organized the attack, Li Xuepeng left high-speed dribbling, into the front field 30 meters area and sent out the straight plug, the same Dalian players Yu Hanchao heart understand, from the gap into the left foot pass, Hiroshima back point defense leak, the ball to the people, Taliska flew to the top to break the door!

The attacking Grand Prize is full of the ability of defending to attack, speed, quality of passing and grasping opportunities in front of the door. From the backcourt to the front of the goal, Hengda actually only had three people involved.

Taliska joined Evergrande last summer and the Brazilians quickly integrated into the team. In 18 League matches, Taliska scored 16 goals, in addition to seven assists. Such a stunning performance, Taliska was praised as Guangzhou Tower by Guangzhou fans.

Although Evergrande lost the league title last season and failed to achieve the great achievement of eight consecutive championships, all this can not erase the role of Taliska in the team and super personal ability. This season, the number of Taliska has changed from 24 to 9. Hengda also hopes that Guangzhou Tower will lead Hengda to win the championship again. At the beginning of the season, Taliska scored a goal in the first Asian Championship game of the season, showing good competitive condition.

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