Jiang Jinfus circle of friends questioned the exposure of public numbers, long prose and life

 Jiang Jinfus circle of friends questioned the exposure of public numbers, long prose and life

Suspicious circle of friends of Jiang Jinfu

Netease Entertainment reported on March 5 recently that some netizens exposed the circle of friends suspected of Jiang Jinfu and wrote that on the first day of moving, the happiest thing was not the apple bananas and free mineral water bread delivered on the table, nor the short sunshine and the trouble of farewell to the rain, but the happy two-hour conversation time with the security elder brother downstairs and the coming dragon of many past stories in Shanghai. Remove the pulse and those little things that are broken and broken in July and August.~

He also issued a public number, and netizens left messages saying, Who is going to set it up? After experiencing it, I have a feeling?

Full text of public number:

OK, before I started writing, I was already known by my master (a powerful student named the bell rocking dart woman) and a high school classmate Tucao.

Hey, youre drunk with the typesetting of this article.

Your typesetting is too ugly.


No way, in dealing with these details, maybe I cant catch up with others for ten years. He gave himself a good sneer.

Its a fine day and sunny today. Unlike the news from the family last night, didnt it mean that it would rain and cool down? When you get up in the morning and open the curtain, you are shaken by the dazzling sunshine. There is a magic in shading the curtain. It can confuse the idea of day and night. For the people who sleep at night, as long as you pull the curtain up and fall asleep, even if its sunny at two or three oclock in the afternoon, you dont have to worry about being deprived of sleepiness by the strong light. Instead, you are confused. Open your eyes to a little faint light along the curtain skirt trying to get into the darkness of the lovely appearance of the room and feel comfortable, thinking:

What time is it now, belly, it seems a little hungry... Nevertheless, lets sleep a little longer.

I will always have this idea.

It doesnt have much to do with the shade curtain. Its actually a picture in my mind. I am especially on the line, even if I only have a little writing ability of primary school studentsrunning accounts, but it does not affect my romantic X talent. So the picture in my mind is like this:

One day, one day, a brilliant, lonely and beautiful man (shameless me) sat quietly in the corner of the cafe. The afternoon sunshine was like a cat stretching lazily on the host. Coffee and sunshine mixed a kind of lazy medicine, which seemed to make flowers grow in his eyes when he drank it. Everything became better. The man held his cheek and turned it from time to time. The pen and the fingertip touched the soft paper, like touching the hair of a lover (but the constipating computer still stood in front of me).

You stand on the bridge to see the scenery, and the people who see the scenery see you upstairs. The bright moon decorates your windows, you decorate other peoples dreams.

I dont have much cultural background, but I pretend not to be inferior at all. I also want to decorate other peoples dreams. Ha-ha, I hope people dont have nightmares. But this is really a picture in my mind. I hope I am the person in the picture. Of course, I dont mean the appearance or anything, but the state, which I like very much.

So when the sunshine sweeps away the dark clouds with ten thousand horses and horses, there is a strong desire for writing. I cant stop rushing into my heart. So I picked up my computer, threw it into my schoolbag, stepped on my sneakers and grabbed the door. The mind is expanding (how does it look like the lines of a character in a game). So, let me decorate your dream?

Walk outdoors, temperature... Its a good idea to go where theres sunshine, huh... Its a little bit hot (I only wear a single coat and a down jacket). Looking at the watch, at a quarter past twelve in Beijing time, office workers rushed downstairs and swept through restaurants. I walked on the road to prepare for the traffic lights, surrounded by a group of similar sunset red tour groups, uncles and aunts are talking about some stocks or something, an uncle wears a yellow hat, the hat seems to be a little tight, with a red ring on the forehead, with curved silver silk and some faint sweat beads in the print, he stared at the ball and said, Yesterday in the whole. Chinas stock market has risen by five points. How to say, I do not know about stocks. When I was a child, my father seemed to be busy with stocks. But I never asked about stocks. Even now, I still dont know about stocks.

I like to walk, like to shuttle in the crowd, listen to unknown you and his side of the speech, thinking about some knowledge that does not belong to their own world, and fantasizing about many possibilities. If the butterfly flies violently blue wings in the opposite direction, then what you said I do not understand, can I understand? Or maybe I would never walk so fast in the sunny day to feel the noisy streets and the traffic and thoughts.

Walking to Tianzifang.

This is a very interesting place, and Beijings Nanluogu Lane is a little different from the same work. Its also located in downtown area, its a must-see place in touristsitinerary, its also the shutter sound of cameras coming into the crowd shoulder to shoulder, its also the card-punching memory of fried baking string net red shop, but there are some differences in style between the two. After all, one is in Shanghai, but its the beauty of the motherland. Dont forget Tianzifang when you go to Nangong, and Tianzifang when you come to Tianzifang, you also remember to go to Nangong. Its a stroll.

Foreign couples at the next table have been embracing and kissing each other. The mans stout arms bend around the waist of the girl, and the two peoples lips clap and clap in my ears. Its really difficult to compose in silence. Dont listen to rudeness when its not polite. I am here to decorate other peoples dreams. How can I be influenced by the outside world?

Walking in Tianzifang, I thought about just wandering for a while. When there were not many people, I would find a restaurant to have a good meal. I already have food options in mind, double cheese beef burgers and Lanzhou noodles.

The sense of hunger eventually brought Lanzhou Ramen into my vision with the most advanced. I did not hesitate, three steps in two steps, two steps in one step, big strides meteors leap up the flyover and leap down the flyover, to the Lanzhou Ramen across the road.

Speaking of Lanzhou ramen, there are two memory points. One is in the second year of senior high school, a Lanzhou Ramen suddenly opened on the left side of the school gate. Several little brothers pulled the noodles hard. The dough gradually thinned in their hands and eventually became noodles. The memory of each time they entered the Lanzhou ramen shop and chewed the strong noodles will be renovated. It has always been as brand-new as before, as it was yesterdays memory. One of the younger brothers is responsible for the name of the dishes.

Hello, one ramen

Hello, potatoes and beef cover with rice.

His front teeth are missing, so when he announces the name of the dish loudly, there will always be many naughty salivary stars flying out of the missing tooth hole, some falling on the dishes he carries, some falling on the tables, bowls and chopsticks, and some drifting along the wind without knowing where to go...

2007-08. In the hot star city, Lanzhou Ramens rise of foreign forces, really won the favor of many students.

The next memory point is at work.

We arrived in Jingtai County of Lanzhou, where we had the best lamb and authentic Lanzhou ramen. The name of the shop is Zhan Guo beef noodles (X2 should be typed correctly), where the taste bud memories, laid the foundation for me to become a loyal fan of Lanzhou noodles in the future.

Nothing else, because its delicious!

Simple and direct, meat is not cut into pieces, potatoes are also a large chunk, sauce colored the rice, changed the peoples brain for the rice taste of the consistent recognition, with the impulse to taste the truth. A bowl of clear soup is even more beautiful, but appetizing before meals, eating after meals, unique fragrance (although I do not know how to cook, but it is really delicious, I can not say why) let people not forget.

After eating enough, I started searching for the good location of the coffee shop in my brain. At first I wanted to go to the new world, but eventually I chose to come to Jingan Temple.

Why come to Jingan Temple? Compared with the endless stream of tourists from the new world and a small boutique shop, Jingan Temple is not very outstanding, but after all, it is the place where we have studied before, when we have read deep feelings or revisit the old place. Today here, tomorrow there, where are themselves, where are the best arrangements, all at will, there is nothing bad, just along with their own creative desire which is not embarrassing.

Speaking of cheese cake...

When did you begin to like it? There is no special memory any more...

Next time a new favorite food appears, be sure to remember it clearly.

- END-

Im Jiang Jinfu.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Li Si_NBJ11322