The 30percent drop in chewing gum sales was defeated by Wechat? How long have you not chewed?

 The 30percent drop in chewing gum sales was defeated by Wechat? How long have you not chewed?

Why do you chew gum? Deodorization, decay prevention, face thinning, or just boredom?

It used to be a habit for many people to carry chewing gum with you. When you look back, you will find that the shape of chewing gum has disappeared from your pocket, or that the new favorites such as mouthwash and mouth-cleansing tablets in your bag have replaced it.

Because of Wechat, chewing gum sales dropped by 30%! A piece of data from the TV program Finance and Economics Brownies Eye made many people suddenly realize that due to the popularity of smartphones and the rapid development of mobile payment, chewing gum, originally used to pass the time and replace change, is losing its popularity.

Chewing gum on supermarket shelves. Zhongxin Yao Lu

Chewing 15 pieces of gum a day is as addictive as smoking.

Get up and chew, chew in class, chew after class, chew in exams... This poisonous chewing gum is the most important way for Liu Ting to spend his time in high school.

The fantasy of chewing gum in school days is like every appearance of Zhou Yunfa in Hong Kong movies. He carelessly chews gum and captivates many goddesses. One word: handsome!

My highest record is that I chewed three gums a day and almost lost my sense of taste. Liu Ting described chewing gum as smoking, which has no special significance, but is addiction.

The long chewing also caused Liu Ting to suffer from temporomandibular joint disorders, so he wore a month of orthodontic braces.

Interestingly, 10 years later, in order to quit smoking, Liu Ting once again recalled the addiction he had quit. Tackling poisons with poisons and replacing cigarettes with chewing gum, in his view, is a healthy lifestyle transformation.

When you think about chewing gum and the days you spent with each other all day, is it like Liu Ting, who blinked for 10 years?

DATA PICTURE: On February 15, 2013, Makiyivka, Ukraine, 22-year-old young painter Anna-Sofiya Matveeva created a portrait of celebrities with chewed gum.

Zhou Na, who had just eaten dumplings, looked in her bag for a snack that could refresh her breath. Even a piece of gum. Think of here, she feels funny herself, after all, never bought things, how can they appear in her bag for no reason.

Eventually, she approached a nearby convenience store and bought a box of mints, killing the garlic smell in her mouth.

In Zhou Nas memory, she never purchased chewing gum specially. She always felt that it was inconvenient to eat and troublesome to deal with. She stuck everywhere carelessly and was grotesque.

The memory of gum confused with bubble gum is the reason why some people forget gum. Now, a piece of gum can refresh your breath, from the best option to the alternative.

Chewing gum lost to Wechat is not unreasonable

According to data from China Reporting Network, the growth rate of the chewing gum Market in China began to slow down after 2010, with sales peaking at about 11.3 billion yuan in 2016. After that, the sales of the chewing gum market began to decline, with sales of 10.9 billion yuan in 2017 and 10.1 billion yuan in 2018.

Why cant chewing gum sell? One view is that its because of Wechat.

Think back, what are your motivations for buying chewing gum? Most of the time, they feel that they may need and in a few cases need now.

Therefore, when you shop in supermarkets, you must notice that chewing gum will never be absent from the shelves near the cash register.

A few years ago, a survey showed that people trapped in the checkout team had a 25% chance of buying shelf goods. Chewing gum, however, is not a necessities of life. Most of it is purchased on impulse by customers.

With the rise of smartphones in recent years, mobile party members spend their time browsing mobile phones while they wait to check out, an industry analyst said, which greatly reduces the chances of buying chewing gum.

On February 28, the China Internet Information Center released a report showing that, as of December 2018, the number of Chinese netizens had exceeded 800 million for the first time, reaching 829 million, and the number of mobile netizens had reached 817 million.

In 2018, netizensInternet access time continued to increase, with an average of 27.6 hours per week, an increase of 0.6 hours compared with the end of 2017. Among them, instant messaging APP users use the longest time, accounting for 15.6%. As the nations first social software, Wechat occupies a lot of time for netizens.

Chewing gum on supermarket shelves. Zhongxin Yao Lu

Reporters in a number of large supermarket cashiers observed that in the 7 p.m. checkout peak time, chewing gum near the checkout desk was seldom bought, compared with candy food is more popular.

Ms. Peng in Chongqing opened a small supermarket in her community. She did not feel very much about the fact that chewing gum could not be sold. Instead, she felt that compared with the past, chewing gum could not go out smoothly.

Ms. Peng explained that in the past, when the change was insufficient, she would replace it with snacks. Single chewing gum or two orange peel candies packed independently can replace a dime for change. Compared with a pile of dimes, many customers also like this way of finding change.

Now (customers) are generally paid by mobile phones, a dime, two dimes are paid directly, do not need to change. The rise of mobile payment has made chewing gum meaningless.

In business, the cruelest battle is not in the presence of soldiers, but I want to eliminate you, it has nothing to do with you.

For example, Master Kangs instant noodles throat is not unified, but the United States and hungry; it is not xylitol that defeats chewing gum, but the mobile Internet.

In the last century, a salesman named William Riggley promoted chewing gum as a gift, which replaced the then pop-up gift of soda powder. This William Regley is the founder of the worlds largest chewing gum producer and distributor, Wrigley.

Chewing gum is now in the same situation as soda powder.

Who else beat gum?

Nevertheless, if the reasons are really investigated, let alone the fact that chewing gum is not sold because of Wechat.

In the environment of the popularity of smartphones and the rapid development of mobile payment, besides Wechat, there are other ways of Internet entertainment after all.

According to the above-mentioned report of China Internet Information Center, apart from communication APP, Chinese netizens ranked in the second to sixth place in terms of the time spent in network video, network music, short video, network audio and network literature applications, with 12.8%, 8.6%, 8.2%, 7.9% and 7.8% respectively.

Source: On November 11, 2015, in Seattle, USA, workers were cleaning up the Chewing Gum Wall, a scenic spot in the post lane of Park Market.

In fact, the chewing gum market is also facing challenges in Wechat and mobile payment, which are inferior to those in other countries of China.

In Japan, the chewing gum market has been shrinking. According to the Japan Gum Association, a group of 19 Japanese manufacturers, the retail gum market peaked in 2004 with sales of 188.1 billion yen. Sales continued to decline from 2005 to 10.5 billion yen by 2017, more than 40% lower than the peak period.

According to Euromonitor International, the U.S. chewing gum market began to decline in 2008, falling by 15% in 2016.

There are many reasons why people no longer consume chewing gum.

It should be that chewing gum is not healthy. Too much chewing is not good for teeth. It can also cause deformity of the face and turn into a big cheek.

Because more and more people are filling their teeth, I dont eat gum just because Im afraid it will stick my crown off.

Children chew gum, adults use mouthwash.


With the escalation of consumption, when consumers choose snacks, chewing gum is a kind ofchicken ribssnack, and their desire for consumption is not high. Consumers are gradually turning to more high-end retail products, such as imported nuts, fruits and so on.

Some scholars said that, in addition, the chewing gum industry in recent years did not appear greater innovation, as a traditional food, in the absence of too many hot marketing, it is difficult for consumers to pay.

How long has it been since you chewed gum? Whats the reason for not buying it?

Source: Author of CNN: Yao Lu Qiuyu, responsible editor: Su Honghong_NBJ9980