A 24-year-old man was still single when he found him 17 years after he was dissatisfied with the urge to divorce.

 A 24-year-old man was still single when he found him 17 years after he was dissatisfied with the urge to divorce.

It must be felt by many people.

Whether they have just graduated,

Still, they have come out to work.

As long as you are single,

They all face this dilemma to some extent.

But many people have never thought about it.

What are the consequences of hastening marriage?

Some people,

Ignoring the pressures of elders to get married,

Still adhere to single life;

Some people,

Cant carry the eldersears and face to face and choose to obey;

But there are others,

But they choose to tell their parents in extreme ways:

He does not accept such a life arrangement.

Not satisfied with the hasty marriage, he left home for 17 years!

Back in 2002, Hao Qiang, 24, was a factory worker in Zhangwan District, Shiyan City. As the only child in the family, Hao Qiang has been spoiled by his parents and family since childhood.

When Hao Qiang grew up, his parentsgreatest expectation was his marriage. In particular, her mother, He Qin, was full of hope that her son could start a family early and succeed, Men will start a family at the age of twenty-four and five, and it is difficult to find a wife after thirty years of age. With such persistence, He Qin often urges his son to find a partner.

However, Hao Johnson was introverted and not good at communicating with others. His mothers constant nagging became an invisible pressure on him. Slowly, the mother and the son began to get suspicious of each other, and often quarreled about it. Soon after another argument, Hao Qiang, a stubborn man, dropped a sentence: Im going to Beijing to fight for something! Then leave without saying goodbye.

He Qin disapproved of his sons departure at first, thinking that he was just gambling and would be back soon. However, year after year, Hao Qiang never came back. She was almost mad.

Searching for the Son and Fruitless Old Man Washes His Face with Tears

In the following years, He Qin almost searched the whole city of Shiyan. He insisted on keeping the phone at home for more than ten years for fear of missing his sons call.

When Hao Qianggang left home, he mentioned that he was in Chaoyang District of Beijing. He Qin and his husband were going to Beijing to look for him. However, finding a person with few clues in a big city is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Eventually, with the strong persuasion of relatives and friends, the couple dispelled the idea.

He Qin, who had never believed in Buddhism or worshipped God, began to toss and turn around Shiyan and its surrounding temples, burning incense and praying incense constantly to protect his sons safety and health and return home as soon as possible.

Years of immersion in the thoughts of their son, coupled with several disappointments, he Qin and his wife became distressed and often washed their faces with tears.

On the other side of the mountain, on the other side of the sea

On February 26 this year, Mr. and Mrs. He Qin went into Zhangwan District Bureau of Shiyan Public Security Bureau and told their experiences.

Because we miss our son, we often have insomnia all night long. At night, we always get up and go around to his room to see if hes back, or run to the gate of the community and sit and wait for him. In our lifetime, our only wish is to see our son go home. Speaking of sadness, the two elderly people wept.

According to the ID number of Hao Qiang provided by He Qin, Song Tao, a police officer, launched a search on the police platform, but found no clues. Song Tao also tried to compare and analyze Hao Qiangs information through various information platforms. Finally, he found that this ID number had been dealt with by Baoding Company in Hebei Province. Therefore, Song Tao immediately contacted the Hebei police and asked the other party for assistance in the search.

Subsequently, a search for lost relatives quietly started between Shiyan and Baoding. By inquiring the telephone number left by the ID card holder, the police of the two places closely linked up. Five hours later, they successfully contacted a man named Hao Qiang. It has been verified that he is the son of He Qin.

Release old suspicions and reunite the whole family this month

He Qins hands trembled with excitement as he stared at the unfamiliar telephone number. She cant believe it. It took only a few hours for the police to help her realize her dream of finding children for more than ten years.

Hello, Mom! As soon as the phone was connected, there came the voice of He Qin and his wife thinking day and night. Mother and son talked on the phone. He Qin knew that although his son had not contacted his family for many years and had changed many ways of contact, he had always kept the telephone numbers of all his relatives at home. Hao Qiang has been working in Beijing for many years. He is currently engaged in express delivery work and is still single.

On February 28, Mr. and Mrs. He Qin came to Zhangwan Public Security Bureau again and sent a thank-you letter to Song Tao, a policeman. She tearfully told Song Tao that on the night after contacting her son, she was so excited that she didnt fall asleep for a night, so excited that she cried and laughed for a while.

He Qin said that she would now respect her sons decision. As long as he was safe, healthy and happy, she would not urge him to marry and start a family any more. She only hoped that he would be able to make peace with his family.

Yesterday, He Qin was happy to tell Song Tao that his son promised to go home to see his parents this month and the family reunited.

(In this article, the parties are aliased names)

Source: Responsible Editor of Chutian Metropolitan Daily: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310