Return of the Commissions Independent President: Multinational diplomats pick up Pompeo to send Congratulations

 Return of the Commissions Independent President: Multinational diplomats pick up Pompeo to send Congratulations

On March 4, local time, Guaido, Venezuelas self-supporting president, returned to Venezuela after completing a ten-day tour of five countries in Latin America. Guaido, which disregards the travel ban, may face 30 yearsimprisonment when it returns home.

It was not just Guaido who ignored the ban. His supporters and some Western diplomats went to the airport to meet him, and American congratulations came along.

Comprehensive foreign media reports, Guaido arrived at Caracas Mitiya Airport on the 4th, not only smoothly entered the country, but also went to a rally to continue to ask President Maduro to step down.

Guaido Smooth Entry Map from Foreign Media

In addition to Guaidos supporters, including diplomats from the United States, Germany and Spain, he also stayed at the airport early to meet him. Fox News pointed out that these diplomats may wish to prevent any arrest of Guaido and testify for his return.

Earlier, Vice President Burns of the United States had said that if Guaido was threatened, the United States would react quickly, and the European Union had warned the Venezuelan government not to arrest him when Guaido returned home.

Screenshot of Russia Today

At the airport, Guaido spoke fearlessly: We are now in Venezuela, stronger than ever. We know the risks we face, but this has never stopped us.

Shortly after leaving the airport unimpeded, Guaido again attended demonstrations in Caracas, showed off his passport to supporters, and continued to inspire people to take to the streets against Maduro on Saturday (9).

Guaido shows passport maps from foreign media

As Guaido returned home, American congratulations came along.

The United States welcomes the actions taken by the Venezuelan people to guarantee a peaceful transition to democracy and congratulates the Interim President Guaido on his successful diplomatic efforts in the region and his safe return to Venezuela, U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo said in a statement.

Guaido returned safely to Venezuela today, and the United States fully supports Guaido and the National Assembly (parliament). His security must be guaranteed and watched by the whole world, Bolton, a national security adviser, wrote on Twitter.

Colombian President Ivan Duke tweeted that Guaidos return was part of Venezuelas irreversible path to democracy.

Regarding the return of Guaido, Venezuelan Vice President Rodriguez said on the 4th that he would take appropriate measures to solve this problem. So far, however, no action has been taken by the Venezuelan Government.

Watcher. com previously reported that Guaido had secretly left for neighboring Colombia on 23 February in defiance of the travel ban issued by Venezuelas Supreme Court. After failing to assist the entry of humanitarian aid from the United States, he attended the Lima Group LeadersMeeting in Bogota as interim president. We will continue to press the Maduro government with the support of foreign forces.

Since then, Guaido has delayed returning to Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador and Paraguay to lobby. According to Qatar Peninsula Television and Reuters, Guaidos trip was aimed at securing Latin American support for its transitional government.

During his stay abroad, Judges of the Supreme Court of Venezuela warned that Guaido had violated the Supreme Court travel ban and could face 30 years in prison. Venezuelan President Maduro also said that he can come or go, but will have to face legal sanctions, he must respect the law.

Source: Observer Network Responsible Editor: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310