Marklongs Open Letter: Drawing Lessons from Leaving Europe to Realize European Renaissance

 Marklongs Open Letter: Drawing Lessons from Leaving Europe to Realize European Renaissance

New Beijing News Express is only 20 days away from the formal de-Europe of Britain on March 29. On March 4, local time, French President Mark Long published an open letter in 28 European newspapers, saying that the whole of Europe should learn from the lessons of the de-Europe of Britain, and that Europe has come to the time of rejuvenation.

Marklong warned that at the critical moment of the European parliamentary elections, Europe has never been so deeply in crisis and de-Europe represents a Europe in crisis that fails to respond to the psychological needs of its people to be protected in the face of the impact of the modern world. Its time for the European renaissance, Marklong said, suggesting that Britain could find its real place in a reformed EU.

In his open letter, Marklong put forward three goals of innovation, safeguarding freedom, protecting the European continent and restoring the spirit of progress.

In the section Safeguarding Freedom, Mark Long said that the prototype of Europe is based on human freedom, diversity of opinions and creativity, among which democratic freedom ranks first. Marklong proposed the establishment of European institutions for the protection of democracy, the prevention of external forces from intervening in European elections, the establishment of EU standards on the Internet, and the prevention of false news, hatred and violent speech.

In the part of Protecting the Continent of Europe, Marklon believed that Europe should participate in international competition under the rules and give priority to the interests of European enterprises. At the same time, the Schengen Agreement needs to be re-examined, strict control over European borders, the establishment of EU border police and unified standards for refugee reception. Europe needs to strengthen its independent defense construction, increase its defense budget, establish the European Security Council, establish close ties with Britain and jointly strengthen its defense. ???

In the part of Restoring the Spirit of Progress, Marklong emphasized that Europe has always been in the vanguard ranks, which defines the criteria of progress. Therefore, in the present era, Europe needs to continue to be at the forefront of livelihood, environment and other issues. Marklong said Europe needed to set targets to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050 and halve pesticide residues by 2025.

Finally, in an open letter, Marklong said that all of us should learn from the lessons of Britains break-away chaos, and that we must escape this trap to make our upcoming elections and other projects more meaningful.

Whether Europe and its progressive spirit are just a part of history or not, the choice is yours, Marklong said. But the choice I give you is: Together, we can draw a blueprint for European renaissance.

Source: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310, responsible editor of Beijing News