Wu Lei convinced Chinese bosses to make Spaniards world-class

 Wu Lei convinced Chinese bosses to make Spaniards world-class

Review of the Previous Situation: World Sports Review of the Best Player in La Liga: Wu Lei was elected for the first time! Its still C-place with Morata.

Chen Yansheng is the owner of Spain. Shortly after he spent 60 million to buy Spaniards, he made a bold statement, hoping to make the Spaniard a European giant, and put forward the idea of playing in the Champions League in three years. It can be seen that Chen Yanshengs acquisition of Spaniards is definitely ambitious.

In January this year, the Spaniard introduced Wu Lei as the former striker of the Chinese Super League. Wu Lei came to La Liga and opened a new page of Chinese football. In the second half of the match against Baradollid, Wu Lei scored his first goal in La Liga, which made up for the history that no Chinese player had scored in La Liga before.

The Spanish newspaper Sports World today published an article entitled Chen, happier than ever for the Spanish project. The title refers to Chen Yansheng, the owner of the project.

Western media then pointed out, With Wuleis success, Chen Yansheng reiterated his goal to make the Spaniards a great club at home and abroad. The Chinese businessman has been emphasizing that he wants the club to be the largest in Europe and is confident that he will achieve this goal sooner or later.

Western media also pointed out that Wu Leis goal will make the Spaniards boss and biggest shareholder happy, because he is Wu Leis biggest supporter.

Of course, if Spaniards want to join the ranks of the European elite, this team still has a long way to go. It needs Chen Yanshengs sustained and large-scale investment!