Thailand announces the list of China Cup: J League 3 will lead the Asian Cup team

 Thailand announces the list of China Cup: J League 3 will lead the Asian Cup team

Its not that the enemies dont get together. Its more appropriate to use it on the Chinese national team and the Thai team. Following the narrow encounter of the Asian Cup 1/8 finals, China and Thailand met again in the opening match of the 21 th China Cup.

In the 2018 World Cup qualifying, Thailand reached the top 12 and fulfilled its desire to go straight to the Asian Cup. In the Asian Cup, after the mysterious teacher lost to India in the first battle, local assistant coach Yudi Adtai was in danger and ordered the Thai team to revive the salted fish and survived as the second member of the group, becoming the obstacle for the national football team to reach the top eight, which also met the Lijiajun. More trouble in the first half of the time.

One of the secrets of Thai teams prosperity is the policy of bringing foreign aid implemented by J League in recent years: Thai players go to play in J League without counting foreign aid quota. There are three players in the list of China Cup in the J league. Dwarf Tigers Song Krasin, Tiraton and Tidban, they are indispensable figures in the Thai team.

Compared with the national football team that entered the new and old alternating cycle after the Asian Cup, it basically maintained the framework of the Asian Cup for Thailand. The three J League returnees, skilled ground cooperation, were undoubtedly the best touchstones before the World Cup preliminary. Facing the old man, what kind of performance will the National Football Team present this time?

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