The man wanted to jump into the river. Everyone urged the captain of the ineffective pickpocket to jump ashore.

 The man wanted to jump into the river. Everyone urged the captain of the ineffective pickpocket to jump ashore.

Leave a sentence: Im gone.

He turned and left.

On that day, Mr. Zhou in the phone was so emotional that he could hardly speak clearly. While placating him, the policemen rushed to his home and took the old man to the police station. At the same time, on duty instructor Chen Junhua asked Lao Zhous wifes phone number for details.

Lao Zhou, a native of Xiaoshan, is in his early forties. Originally, life was quite smooth, work was good, family was also very good, there are old and young, family life is very happy. But last year, Lao Zhou invested in futures and lost more than one million yuan. Since then, Lao Zhous mood has been somewhat wrong, plunged into the abyss of self-blame.

Family members had advised him several times, and the companys colleagues and leaders took good care of Lao Zhou, but Lao Zhou never came out of this dead end.

On February 27, Lao Zhou was on night shift. I was supposed to get off work at 8 oclock the next morning, but Lao Zhou left at 6 oclock in the morning. Not long after, the company leader found out that Lao Zhou was not in a good mood, and hurried to call Lao Bo Zhou.

Around 6:30, Lao Zhou drove his car to his wifes school, handed the key to his wife who was going to work, left a sentence: Im leaving, you dont want to find me. He turned around and left. The wife rushed to catch up, but did not catch up.

In the light of the information reflected by his family members, Chen Junhua believes that Lao Zhous intentions to seek death are very strong and dangerous. Chen Shunhua hurriedly asked Lao Bo Zhou to call Lao Zhou. He had to get time for finding Lao Zhous traces.

Are you a man?

Civilian police use aggressive tactics to delay time

The first two calls were not answered by Lao Zhou. On the third call, Lao Zhou finally answered.

Chen Junhua gestured to Lao Bo Zhou, not to mention the alarm, not to stimulate Lao Zhou.

Lao Bo Zhou is an outspoken man. He scolds his son for being unfilial when he cant say two words.

Chen Chunhua quickly and quietly dissuaded, let the old man talk about the family, let the son come back to see the mother.

In this way, in a deliberate silence, time passes by minute by minute.

Ten minutes later, good news came from the police who tracked him by video. Finally, Lao Zhous traces were made clear.

After he left the school where his wife worked, he disappeared in a river about 2 kilometers away, and the police who went out to search for him had arrived there and expanded their search rapidly.

At this time, however, Lao Bo Zhou and his son fell apart. Watching Lao Zhou hang up, what should I do?

Chen Junhua simply took the phone and said, You are so irresponsible, I cant see it anymore!

Old Zhou on the other end of the phone heard a strange voice and was stunned. Who are you? Is it my colleague?

You dont know me, Im just passing by! I see your old man trembling with anger. Its so disgraceful! How can you be a son!

Chen Junhua used all kinds of methods. First, he persuaded Lao Zhou, There are 100 kinds of failures in the world. I am the 101 kinds who can come out.

So Chen Junhua began to be an aggressive general: Are you a man? You have to be responsible to your family. What will your wife do when you leave? What about your child?

Lao Zhou said, Brother, I am not a man...

Ask questions about a plan

Lao Zhou was cheated down the dike

Thank you, brother. Im leaving. Goodbye to the world. Old Zhou is determined to die here and plans to hang up.

Fortunately, thanks to Chens delay, new good news has come, and anti-picking team member Zhong Gang has found Lao Zhou at the scene.

It was around 7 a.m., less than half an hour before the report.

But the situation is still dangerous. Because the embankment here is more than two meters high and the river water is four or five meters deep, Zhong Gang rushes forward to block it, in case Lao Zhou breaks free and jumps back into the river, the situation is unthinkable.

What should I do? As the anti-pickpocket leader of Xiaoshan Public Security Bureau Chengxiang Police Station, Zhong Gang is experienced. He stepped forward decisively and asked Lao Zhou, What are you doing? We just received a police call from the people on the edge, saying that there was a sneaky person, suspected thieves, isnt it you?

This can disturb Lao Zhous position.

Lao Zhou quickly argued that he was not a thief.

You dont have to rush. Come on, lets make the situation clear. In this way, Zhong Gang persuaded Lao Zhou from the dangerous bank.

A few minutes later, police arrived everywhere, and Lao Zhous father and wife arrived. All of them joined in to persuade him to return.

A life was saved by the ingenuity and efforts of the policemen.

There are tens of millions of obstacles in life, but they are nothing compared with life. Lao Zhou, I hope that after this time, you can solve problems like a man and live well.

Source: responsible editor of Qianjiang Evening News: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310