After the woman was caught walking around the street, she hid the stolen goods in the police car.

 After the woman was caught walking around the street, she hid the stolen goods in the police car.

At noon on February 25, a man alerted Yunshan Police Station of Lanxi Public Security Bureau that his mobile phone had been stolen while eating in KFC restaurant.

The reporter was playing with his children in the childrens playground on the second floor of KFC in Lanxi. Later, he took the child to the side seat for dinner. When he came back to pick up the mobile phone, he found that the mobile phone was missing.

Subsequently, the police took the surveillance pictures in the restaurant at that time, and found that the informant was sitting in his seat playing with his mobile phone, and then left his seat, but the mobile phone remained on the table. It was just a short time that a passing woman picked up her cell phone and looked around. When she saw nobody around, she stole it. Civilian police have been trained all the way through video judgement. It took only an hour to capture the woman Zhong Mou in Xixis underground shopping street.

However, Zhong denied his theft on the spot. Because Zhong Mou is a woman, two male policemen are going to take Zhong Mou back to the police station and leave it to the female policemen for inspection. On the way back to the police station, Zhong played a smart trick.

Zhong Dong, a police officer at Yunshan Police Station of Lanxi Public Security Bureau, said, Before, two of our policemen were sitting in the front row of the car. We felt vaguely that she was doing some small things in the back. After getting off the bus, we immediately checked the suspects seat and found the stolen mobile phone under the suspects seat.

In the face of irrefutable evidence, Zhong finally admitted his theft.

It is reported that Zhong Mou was passing through KFC to go to the toilet at that time. On the way to the toilet, he found the mobile phone, and there was no one beside it. He was greedy for a moment, stole the mobile phone and turned it off immediately when he went to the toilet.

At present, Zhong Mou has been sentenced to administrative detention for 10 days for theft.

Source: Look at the responsible editor of news: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310