Russian Experts: Indias introduction of French warfare capabilities to enhance its strength, but unable to change the situation

 Russian Experts: Indias introduction of French warfare capabilities to enhance its strength, but unable to change the situation

Global Network reported that the introduction of Rafale fighters will enhance Indias strength, but the small number of orders will make it impossible to change the current situation. A Russian expert told Russian journalists about Indias decision to introduce a new French-made Rafale fighter.

Today Russia (RT) 4 reported that Indian Air Force Commander Danoa announced that he would receive a new batch of French-made Rafale fighters by September and store them in storage.

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Reported that Indias introduction of new fighter planes came at a time when the country and Pakistan launched an air war on Kashmir. Last week, the Indian Air Force lost a MiG-21 fighter in air combat and captured a pilot. Despite Indias claim to shoot down a Pakistani F-16 fighter plane, Pakistan denied it.

RT said the Indian Air Force is phasing out its honest aircraft. The agreement it signed with Dassault Airlines in 2016 is one of its plans to modernize the air force.

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However, regarding Indias introduction of new fighter planes, Mikhail Khodarenok, a retired Russian missile defense colonel and military analyst, said that although this would enhance Indias strength against Pakistan, it would not change the current situation due to the relatively small number of orders.

According to Hodalenock, Indias forthcoming 36 aircraft are not enough to achieve the status of air hegemony. In addition, it will take time to integrate the new aircraft into the Indian Air Force and train pilots to fly the new aircraft. Therefore, he said, optimistically speaking, gusts need several years to be fully prepared for combat.

But Hodalenock also gave positive comments on the Rafale fighter itself. These fighters can carry many kinds of weapons and have advanced avionics equipment, he said.

In fact, not only do Russian experts disdain Indias operation, but in the commentary area of RT news, netizens also do not think that Indias action is hopeful:

Jorge Trevino: There are only three technologies in the world for making fighter jets: the United States, Russia and China. Other countries make only placebos. Both Britain and France are second-hand vendors. They can only do marketing, but airplanes cant. Their planes can only fight Iranian or Brazilian planes, thats all. Thats the truth.

Marc Sander: Seriously, all these military muscular displays are boring. I want to ask, where is the so-called advanced thing?

Eagle 3ye: When the Rafale fighter planes are ready to go into battle, the JF-17 dragon can also defeat Rafale.

Orange Willy: I think India should focus on answering some calls instead of flying planes.

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