Senior high school studentswork and rest schedules explode the circle of parents, friends and netizens: they are too cruel to themselves

 Senior high school studentswork and rest schedules explode the circle of parents, friends and netizens: they are too cruel to themselves

Recently, a high school students ruthless schedule in Wuhan, Hubei, triggered a circle of friends. The study time on this schedule is from 6:40 a.m. to 11:50 p.m. The title of the schedule is Not that success does not come fast enough, but that it is not hard enough on itself.

Two weeks after the start of the school, a ruthless schedule made by the students of Senior Two of Wuhan No. 11 Middle School was forwarded by the head teacher to the circle of friends, and was praised by the parents. Everyone was amazed and said that it was the children of other families indeed! __________

When the reporter saw this handwritten schedule, he immediately understood why many parents had left messages: Not afraid that students are bullies, but afraid that bullies have a vacation.

This schedule, headed by Life does not have winter and summer vacation, not success does not come fast enough, but not hard enough for oneself, closely manages winter vacation work and rest time, from 6:40 a.m. to 11:50 a.m. to sleep. Even on the 30th, 1st and 2nd day of the New Year, there are stitches and needles in place for study after New Years greetings.

Not only that, but there are also a few golden aphorisms on the table: self-discipline, self-improvement, learning to take notes, not to copy notes, slack strings can not play the strong tone of the times. Finally, I also emphasize to remind myself, never touch the mobile phone.

Zhu Zheng

Zhu Zheng, a 17-year-old student from Class 3, No. 11 Middle School in Wuhan, won the first prize in the National High School Mathematics League last September.

Zhu Zheng told reporters that it was precisely because of moving to the national stage that he found that he still had many shortcomings, so he formulated this winter vacation study plan to alert himself to overcome inertia, strict self-discipline, lay a solid foundation and improve himself.

This is not a general self-discipline. Breakfast usually consists of a bowl of porridge and a steamed bun. Chinese food is not more than 4 yuan.

Tang Yanping, head teacher of Zhu Zhengs class and senior chemistry teacher of Hubei Province, introduced that Zhu Zhengs parents were Han migrant workers from Xianning, who had no time to take into account his study and life.

Zhu Zhengs home is also far away from the school. The school arranged him and seven children to live in a free dormitory near the school. There were seven people in one room. Everyone had a desk. In order not to disturb others, he always sat under the street lamp of the stairs and studied late into the night.

On the way to the selection examination of Chengtong Elite Class in Tsinghua Hill, I studied in the railway station and train.

Last November, on the recommendation of the school, Zhu Zheng participated in the selection examination of Chengtong Elite Class in Tsinghua Qiu, but his family was very difficult and could not afford to travel.

We should try our best to make the child complete and give him at least a chance to go there. Tao Yong, the principal of No. 11 Middle School, decided to reimburse Zhu Zheng for the expenses. For this reason, the school also arranged for the head teacher, Tang Yanping, and Su Min, to accompany Zhu Zheng to Beijing for the examination.

Su Min, a math teacher, said sadly that when she sent for the exam, she found out that only Zhu Zheng was wearing a uniform for all the students who came to take the exam.

It doesnt matter what clothes you wear. The uniform is good. Zhu Zheng shyly said that the opportunity to go to Beijing to participate in the selection and examination of Chengtong elite class in Tsinghua Hill is too precious. Only by standing on the top stage can we further clarify the direction.

Last summer, he planned to take part in a training program for the top math players in the national math competition. Faced with high tuition fees and without adding to the burden of his parents, he told his parents that he would not buy new clothes for a year.

Tsinghua Qiu Chengtong elite class selection test masters like clouds, and ultimately only recruited 15 people.

Zhu Zheng failed to qualify for the certification due to his weak weakness. Regrettably, Zhu Zheng returned to school and, in view of his shortcomings, wrote this winter vacation schedule to urge himself.

Keep up with the teachers teaching rhythm, strengthen physical exercise, not to lose time. Zhu Zheng said that his immediate goal is to do well in what he is doing and to take every step steadily.

Source: Responsible Editor of Yangtze Daily: Su Honghong_NBJ9980