Chu Shijian, the tobacco king, ended his legendary life without telling his story.

 Chu Shijian, the tobacco king, ended his legendary life without telling his story.

Chu Shijian, the founder of Chu Orange, died at the age of 91. He belonged to cattle.

On March 5, Chu Shijian, former chairman of Yunnan Hongta Group Co., Ltd. and Yuxi Hongta Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd., and founder of Chu Orange, died of diabetic complications. He was 91 years old. Known as Chinas tobacco king in his 60s, he was 71 years old in prison, 74 years old in second business, and 85 years old as a billionaire. He is one of the most controversial financial figures in China.

Zheng knew that Chu Shijian had been hospitalized for more than ten days. On the third day of hospitalization, he said, I dont want to be hospitalized, the hospital is uncomfortable and proposed to go home, but later because of his serious illness, he finally failed to go home.

I couldnt speak at noon yesterday. The staff member accompanied Chu Shijian for decades. It was a sudden walk. Chu Shijian has not explained how to deal with his aftermath. At present, Chus family is still discussing.

When Chu Shijian died, a business legend came to an end.

Bright Leaf

According to public data, Chu Shijian was born in 1928 and entered Yuxi Cigarette Factory in 1979. By the mid-1990s, Chu Shijian had built Hongta Mountain into a famous brand in China, making Yuxi Cigarette Factory a well-known large-scale tobacco enterprise.

Smoke industry

October 1979, director of Yuxi Cigarette Factory.

In 1988, Hongta Mountain became the first brand of Yuxi Cigarette Factory.

In 1990, excellent entrepreneurs were awarded nationwide.

On November 28, 1993, Yunnan Hongtashan Group Co., Ltd. was established.

In 1994, he was named the top ten reformers. Because of the institutional reasons, his great contribution to the enterprise has not been reflected in his personal income. His total income in the past 18 years is less than one million. The huge gap in personal income makes his psychology seriously unbalanced. In addition, the lack of effective supervision mechanism, his brilliant life deviates from the course and embezzles $1.74 million.

In February 1995, Chu Shijian was anonymously accused of corruption and bribery. At this time, Chu Shijians daughter Chu Yingqun and her wife Ma Jingfen have been confined in Luoyang Prison.

In September 1995, he was the chairman of Yunnan Hongta Group and Yuxi Hongta Tobacco Group Co., Ltd.

Founder of Chu Orange

In 1979, Chu Shijian was put into use. His mission was to rescue the troubled Yuxi Cigarette Factory. Maybe he didnt realize that he would become a great tobacco king in China, and his fate would be even more vicious.

Over the past decade, when Chu Shijian was in office, Yuxi Cigarette Factory became a money printer, with annual tax profits soaring from 197 million to 20.6 billion yuan. In 1998, Yuxi ranked second in Chinas tax profits (first in Daqing Petroleum). For a time, nobody can keep up with him.

But behind the scenery there is also a surge of undercurrent. It became a big business to pour cigarettes in batches from Chu Shijian, but it also laid a hidden danger for him to break down in Yuxi in the future. For a while, he dared not see anyone when he arrived in Beijing, because there were too many people who wanted to smoke. He did not know the interpersonal relationship, and was so annoyed that he could only hide.

In 1995, Chu Shijian was reported to be corrupt, and then his wife Ma Jingfen and daughter were censored in Henan, during which her daughter committed suicide and Chu Shijian was grieved. On 9 January 1999, Chu Shijian was sentenced to life imprisonment, which was reduced to 17 years after serving two years.

When he was in prison, he was very depressed, and his health turned sharply downward. His friend Zhou Shu went to prison to see him. His words are well remembered by Zhou Shu up to now. You can wait until I finish smoking this cigarette. Infinite sourness is in the smoke.

In 1999, Chu Shijian was sentenced to life imprisonment for economic problems and later commuted. In 2001, because of severe diabetes, Chushi went to see a doctor outside health insurance, and since then he has been planting oranges in Ailao Mountain. As for the ups and downs of the past, Chu Shijian and his wife looked very little at it. People cant live in the past, and dont complain all day. Whats the use of cursing and scolding?

At present, Zhu Shijians wife Ma Jingfen, son Zhu Yibin, granddaughter Zhu Chu, granddaughter Ren Shuyi and grandson-in-law Li Yaxin all have their own bases and companies, forming a number of companies including Xinping Lizhi Fruit Industry Co., Ltd., Yunnan Wotu Fruit Products Co., Ltd., Yunnan Shijian Fruit Industry Co., Ltd., Yunnan Hengguan Taida Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.

Now, the orange has become the climate, when the orange leaves safely. This is the end of a business legend!