Flow charges are required to be reduced by more than 20percent of the three major operators: earnestly implement

 Flow charges are required to be reduced by more than 20percent of the three major operators: earnestly implement

China Telecom said that it would continue to make every effort to strengthen its responsibility, promote high-quality development, and help build a strong network country and a digital China.

Will resolutely implement the relevant requirements of the national network speed-up and fee-reduction in 2019, so that users can really feel that the network speed is faster and more stable, so that the fee-reduction is real, consumers understand clearly, and enjoy more useful, affordable and well-used intelligent information services. China Telecom mentioned.

China Mobile will also resolutely implement the work requirements put forward in this years government work report, and make every effort to implement the work.

At the same time, China Mobile said it would promote the upgrading of broadband network equipment and realize that 70% of the equipment in urban areas has Gigabit capacity. Expansion of 4G network accurately to enhance indoor depth coverage and further improve the users online experience.

In addition, through the four guarantees to further reduce the network fees: first, to carry out inclusive door-to-door action, reduce the price of Internet dedicated lines, popularize 100-megabyte enterprise broadband, to ensure that the average broadband fees of small and medium-sized enterprises are further reduced by 15%; second, to carry out traffic expansion action to speed up the promotion of large-traffic packages, optimize the traffic security services, and ensure the average mobile network traffic. Thirdly, according to the overall work deployment of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, we should complete the preparatory work of network construction and system transformation as soon as possible to ensure the implementation of carrying number to transfer network nationwide as soon as possible; fourthly, we should work from three aspects: reducing the number of tariffs, simplifying tariff rules, and improving the convenience of tariff management to ensure that tariff packages are set up in a real and clear way. u3002

China Unicom, on the other hand, said that it would continue to earnestly implement the requirements and deployments for telecommunications enterprises, such as speed-up and fee-reduction and number-carrying transfer put forward by Premier Li Keqiang in his government work report, adhere to the road of high-quality network construction and development, plan and build a new future network with a high starting point of 5G as its focus, and continue to further promote the operation of the Internet and further regulate it. Setting up standard fare packages and earnestly implementing the relevant target requirements for lowering fees. (quiet)