Mayor of Kaohsiung has a crush on Pan Yueyun? Friend Huang Zhongkun burst into laughter

 Mayor of Kaohsiung has a crush on Pan Yueyun? Friend Huang Zhongkun burst into laughter

Netease Entertainment reported on March 5 that according to Taiwanese media reports, ICRT celebrated its 40th birthday. Six choirs, including 14 singers from Qiyu, Pan Yueyun, Huang Zhongkun and Action, will hold a 40th Anniversary of ICRT and Youth Melody Western pop concert on July 13. Recently, Kaohsiung Mayor Koreayo was told by Chen Wenxi that she had a secret love for Pan Yueyun. Pan was asked about it. She laughed and said, Its only when he (Korean Yo) was in the army that he came to listen to me sing. Unexpectedly, Huang Zhongkun, a good friend, continued to joke, Han Bing is your daughter who has no relationship with you. Let Pan Yueyunyun be silent.

Chen Wenxi recently revealed that Korean Yo had a crush on Pan Yueyun. Pan Yueyun laughed and said that she had been singing in Kaohsiung Western Restaurant. When Korean Yo was a soldier on vacation, she went to the restaurant to listen to music. She was slightly impressed with him. She talked about it for about three days, but had no private relations. And Korean Yo still loves Pan Yueyuns singing. Pan Yueyun said, His staff did invite me to perform on election night, but I wasnt in Taiwan at that time. Also expressed that the concert would like to invite Korean Yo to watch; if asked to be the spokesperson of Kaohsiung, would you like to? She laughed and said, Its not my turn. If so, its quite good. Kaohsiung, where I was born, can do my best for Kaohsiung.

Huang Zhongkun also said that at that time he would go to the Western Restaurant to listen to Pan Yueyun singing, but because Pan Yueyuns appearance is more cold, dare not approach, later I went to find Cai Qins signature, the scene burst of laughter. As for the revelation, Pan Yueyun said that she was familiar with Chen Wenxi and could accept her joke of enlarging slightly. I was stationed in Kaohsiung. At that time, he might be a soldier. He had a holiday to listen to my singing. Its normal that many people listened to my singing.

Huang Zhongkun, who had brain surgery in 2017, laughed that after the operation, he sometimes dreamed at midnight. In his past and present life, he would come to mind, like Elvis King chatting with me, chatting all the time and asking about family routines. But now its slowly returning to normal, now it looks normal, and then said sweetly, Just be careful not to be too excited to see Sister Pan, she has always been my idol.

In addition, Yuan Yonglin will be singing at the concert. She confessed that she was under pressure to perform with her predecessors. She broke up with Ji Yawen for more than a year. The two people also maintained friendly relations. The new song Finally Brave originally wanted to play with him. Finally, she stopped because she did not want to hype the topic. She is still single. Pan Yueyun laughed and said, Im single, too. I should look for my daughter to see it. As a result, Huang Zhongkun put in another remark: You can look for Han Bing to see that you are not the daughter of fate. There was another burst of laughter.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Hu Mengyao_NK5655