The family members of a woman who died of poisoning in front of her family were sentenced

 The family members of a woman who died of poisoning in front of her family were sentenced

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After Lengxias death, she watched her three relatives, who drank rat poison, stand on the dock.

Before her death, Lengxia, a 51-year-old Hubei native, suffered from systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis and cerebral infarction. After accidentally breaking her leg, she was ill in bed and could not take care of herself for a long time.

In the process of curing illness, Lengxia gradually produces the feeling of world-weariness. She has repeatedly asked her family to help her buy medicines for suicide in the hope that she will not suffer from illness and do not want to drag her family down.

On August 28, 2017, Lengxia took rat medicine in front of her husband, eldest daughter and eldest son-in-law. The three men knelt in front of the bed and wept bitterly, without hindrance.

According to the public prosecution organ, although Lengxia died by drinking her own medicine, three relatives did not carry out the rescue and bought drugs for her before, which indirectly resulted in cold death, thus constituting the crime of intentional homicide.

In evaluating the behaviour of the three defendants, the judge said, His feelings are pitiful and his guilt is unforgivable.

Diagnostic proof of Lengxia


Hello, this is Fanwu. Ill check in.

When the phone was connected, Fan Wu was a little nervous. One hand held the mobile phone tightly and the other hand kept rubbing his scalp.

In the early spring of Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, with some chills, Fanwu was wearing a black jacket, thin and small. Just over 50 years old, his back has been somewhat bent.

Fan Wus words became rare after his wife was sentenced to probation for euthanasia. Apart from talking to his family, the number he dialed most was to call the Street Justice Department.

Every two weeks, he will report to the staff of the judicial office about who he has met recently, what he has done, and what changes have taken place in his thinking. He will also regularly report to the judicial office in writing and participate in legal knowledge learning and public welfare work.

After his wifes death, Fan Wu hardly ever told others about his depression. After 12 hours of work every day, he is used to staying alone in the dormitory of the factory and spending time by sleeping and watching TV.

Mother-in-law called Fan Wu and complained, Its you who brought my son in and stayed for several months!u201c

Fan Wu was speechless and could only say, Yes, it was my fault.

The Fanwu family is from Qianjiang City, Hubei Province. In 2003, he came to Taizhou, Zhejiang Province with his wife and two daughters, and landed in a factory that produces wire and cable materials.

Its not easy to live in a foreign country, but Fan Wu feels that life is full of hope for a family of four. Several years later, the daughters reached the age of starting a family one after another. Fan Wu has some concerns. Her eldest daughter Fanfan had a high fever when she was a child, which affected her intellectual development.

It was introduced that Fan Fan met Zhang Tiejun, a Guizhou worker in Taizhou. Zhang Tiejun had fallen to the back of his head in the mountains, and his intelligence level was slightly lower than that of ordinary people. He didnt say much and looked honest.

Fan Wu made only one request at that time. According to Hubei folklore, the families of two daughters need to recruit a son-in-law. He asked Zhang Tiejun if he would like to, and Zhang Tiejun nodded his head.

Fans life has been going smoothly. Until 2014, Fanwus father-in-law died in his hometown, and the couple returned to Hubei to attend the funeral. Fan Wu recalled that from then on, Lengxia often felt dizzy and arthralgia, and she felt uncomfortable sitting or standing for a long time.

At first, he thought that Lengxia was due to the illness of her child. There are six brothers and sisters in Fanwus family. He is the youngest. By the time his wife sits on the moon, his parents are too old to take care of him.

After taking many medicines, Lengxias body became weaker and weaker, and anemia and other symptoms appeared one after another. In order to reduce the expenditure of daily life, soon Lengxia took her grandson back to live in her hometown in Hubei Province.

One day in 2015, Lengxia accidentally fell at home. When Fantian, her second daughter, returned home, she found that her mother ate very little, and her weight had changed from more than 120 kg to 96 kg. Even she could carry her mother on her back.

Fantian was frightened. She took her mother to hospitals in Hangzhou, Beijing and Wuhan for examination. The results showed that Lengxia suffered from systemic lupus erythematosus, cerebral infarction, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases.

Doctors told Fans family that lupus erythematosus is known as immortal cancer and is prone to recurrence and difficult to cure, as cunning as a wolf.

In order to treat her, Lengxia has to take a lot of hormone drugs every day, which has great side effects, causing damage to her skeleton, liver and kidney. Lengxia began to gain weight quickly. In more than a month, it rose from more than 90 kilograms to 150 kilograms. The original shoes could not be worn. The skin was soft and the body was heavily swollen.

Medical expenses also bring a lot of burden to the family. Lengxia often laments that she earns more than 3,000 yuan a month through hard work, and one third of her blood can be spent if she goes to the hospital once. But her body is not good, two strokes around 2015, walking almost inseparable from crutches, but also appeared half-body incontinence, urinary and fecal incontinence symptoms.

Fanwu and his wifes rental land

Lets die.

In 2017, Fan Wu took his wife back to Taizhou for further treatment. One day in June, Lengxia fell down at home and Fan Wu came back to see her lying on her back with her hands clutching at random. I want to lift her up. Shes crying and crying all the time, crying and hurting.

Fan Wu sent his wife to the doctor and learned that Lengxias long-term use of hormones resulted in osteoporosis. This fall resulted in a comminuted fracture of her left leg. At great risk, Lengxia had an operation, but she began to resist treatment after the operation.

Lengxias chief physician said that although rehabilitation therapy exercises are painful, most patients will do their best to adhere to it. But Lengxia is an exception, even under the supervision of medical staff, she does not take the initiative.

Fan Wu enlightened his wife, You see, at the age of Grandma next door, people are still doing sports. You must have recovered well after a little practice. Lengxias eyelids were drooping and she couldnt lift her spirits. After a while, she closed her eyes and said nothing.

Lengxia is more concerned about the cost of treatment, looking at a pile of drugs in front of her, she often asked how much money she spent, holding her husbands hand and saying, If you cant cure a disease, youll suffer if you live.

Apart from Fan Wu, Lengxia seldom communicates with others. In the ward, she plays her mobile phone loudly, and other patients have opinions. The patient in the same ward moved out a few days later and complained to the hospital because he couldnt bear it.

Fan Wu knows that his wife is in a bad mood. During Lengxias half-month hospitalization, she spent a total of 230,000 yuan. Fan Wu told his family not to tell her about it.

On the eve of discharge, the eldest son-in-law Zhang Tiejun and Fan Wu discussed, Give our mother to take care of us. It will cost money to treat illness in the future, or to stay in Zhejiang to make money. Fan Wu was very touched, but he reminded his daughter-in-law, Its hard to take care of patients, so dont complain if you take your mother away.

After discharging from hospital, Lengxia lived in her eldest daughters house, which was a dormitory less than 10 square meters rented by the factory. Television sets, electric fans, two beds are arranged side by side. Four people are crowded in one room. The original narrow space is more pressing. Lengxia needs to be cared for all the time, so her eldest daughter no longer goes out to work. Feed your mother to eat and help her clean up her stool. My son-in-law helped turn over, wash my feet and cut my nails...

In the impression of the neighbors, Zhang Tiejuns husband and wife are kind and have never heard their dissatisfaction with Lengxia. The door was always closed, but no one had ever heard the noise of quarrels and strife.

Its just that the cold weather in bed at home is getting worse and worse. In the past, I used to play Tetris games. Nowadays, mobile phones and TV are in no mood to watch. I lie in bed and coax for half a day without saying a word.

Fan Wu noticed that when the pain was unbearable, Lengxia would grab her hair fiercely and pull it down vigorously. Sometimes she fell on the bed and couldnt sleep until midnight because of the pain. Fan Wu looked at his heartache. He asked his son-in-law to find tools and simply shaved his wifes head.

Fan Wu still tried to persuade his wife to take medicine, but Lengxia did not accept it. Eat a fart, cant cure it!

More than a month later, Lengxias mood became more negative, her temper became worse and worse, and she beat her daughter when she was angry. When his son-in-law called Fan Wu, he said that Lengxia not only cried, but also said, Its too painful to drink rat poison to commit suicide.

Fanwu Appraisal Case Discovery Site

The Last Way

On the morning of August 28, 2017, Lengxia wetted her bed and the room smelled bad. Fan Fan got up and boiled water for his mother and changed clothes. Lengxia once again expressed her wish to die to her daughter and son-in-law, Let me die, and live is also suffering.

Zhang Tiejun called Fanwu and hoped he would come over. Fan Wu was on the night shift. He rushed to work at 7 a.m.

After meeting, Lengxia repeatedly said she couldnt survive and wanted to take rat poison. All three consoled her not to be unwilling, but Lengxia was resolute and always pleaded.

This time, Lengxia did as she wished. According to Fan Wu and her daughter-in-laws later confession, they accompanied Lengxia to finish the last journey.

Zhang Tiejun, son-in-law, bought rat medicine for 12 yuan, 2 bottles of red liquid and 1 bag of red powder. Fan Wu said that at that time, in the face of his wife, Lengxia, who insisted on dying, he first handed her a box of milk, then took the powder apart and poured it into the bottle cap. Lengxia poured milk into her mouth, but could not swallow it.

Lengxia said she wanted to drink liquid rat medicine. Fan Wu handed it over and hesitated to retract. But Lengxia grabbed the bottle and drank the medicine.

The three men knelt on the ground and wept bitterly. Fan Wu took his wifes hand. Lengxia patted him on the back with her hand and said with relief, I dont blame you for not crying or crying.

After taking the rat poison, Lengxia remained sober-minded. She asked her son-in-law to drive her to the outside. Unwilling to face the death of his wife, Fan Wu proposed to go back to the factory first.

Zhang Tiejun tried to calm down and wiped Lengxias mouth with a paper towel. Afterwards, he carried Lengxia downstairs, placed her in the back of the car, and dropped the bottle in his pocket. Fan Wu followed closely and sat on the copilot.

Zhang Tiejun could not bear to look at his mother-in-law. He felt blank and trembling. Minutes after boarding the car, Lengxia could still speak, and then she stopped talking. Zhang Tiejun was in disorder. He did not know whether to send his mother-in-law to the hospital or not. Fan Wu did not speak. Zhang Tiejun sent him back to the factory first.

When Fan Wu got out of the car, he heard his wife still breathing. About three or four hours later, Zhang Tiejun wanted to check the situation of his mother-in-law and found that he had swallowed. Monitoring showed that from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Zhang Tiejuns car had been wandering aimlessly on the streets of Taizhou.

Later, when questioned by the police why she had not been sent to medical treatment, Fan Wu and Zhang Tiejun both said they wanted to respect Lengxias wishes and let her be relieved.

At 2 p.m., Fan Fan received a phone call from her husband saying that her mother had died. They informed her father and sister and others to prepare for the aftermath. Fan Fan and Zhang Tiejun did not dare to tell the truth to their sisters family. The cremation of the body requires a death certificate. After consulting the family, Zhang Tiejun drove to the police station.

After examining the remains, the police found that Lengxia had poisoning signs and summoned Zhang Tiejun and Fanwu to investigate. Fan Wu said that only then did he realize that he had violated the law. Two days later, Fan Wu and her eldest daughter Fan Fan Fan were arrested and released on bail pending trial, while her son-in-law Zhang Tiejun was detained.

Emotion and law

On the afternoon of May 21, 2018, the trial was held in the Third Court of the Peoples Court of Luqiao District, Taizhou City. Far from home, there were only three relatives in the auditorium, and the courtyard was empty.

At the beginning of the trial, Zhang Tiejun seemed very nervous. Even when the judge asked for identity information, he had to look down at the indictment before opening his mouth.

I bought the medicine... Most of the time, Zhang Tiejun lowered his head and his voice was very quiet. Zhang Tiejun said that after entering the detention center, he had been thinking about the death of his mother-in-law. I feel bad, I feel responsible for her death.

Fan Wu has been bent over his back since he stood, with a dull expression. When he defended himself, he initially said he had nothing to say. Later, he pleaded with the judge, My grandson is 13 years old, rebellious, and my daughter is not in good health, so we cant control him at home. I hope to catch me and let my son-in-law take care of the children.

From the beginning of his fathers statement, Fan Fan has been crying, I am an unfilial daughter, to this point, I want to die myself, I understand my mothers illness, but I cant help it.

Zhang Tiejun reached out and caressed his wifes back. Afterwards, Fan Fan talked about her dream about her mother the other day. She told her mother that she lived in pain and wanted her mother to take her away.

The prosecutor believes that the key to the case is that the three defendants, as Lengxias family, did not send doctors in time and did not take the duty of rescue after taking rat medicine. In essence, deprived of cold life, criminal responsibility should be investigated.

Zhang Tiejuns attorney proposed to the judge that judicial expertise showed that Zhang Tiejun and Fan Fanfan were both in the state of intellectual marginalization. Counsel points out that the case was caused by the defendants ignorance of the law. The three men had cared for the deceased carefully before his death, and there was no subjective malice. The regret of the incident was also evident. They asked the court for a lighter punishment.

Fantian, Lengxias youngest daughter, and Zhang Tiejuns younger brother testified in court that the three defendants gave full care during Lengxias illness, not only spent most of their income on treating the deceased, but also borrowed money from other relatives for treatment. At the same time, Lengxia did have the idea of dying when she was ill.

Even Lengxias younger brother said that her sister could not take care of herself in her lifetime, and the three relatives were very kind to her. No matter why his sister died, he expressed his understanding.

The presiding judge said that the three defendants were pitiful and unforgivable. On the one hand, the discussion of euthanasia in China has been taboo for a long time. If probation is applied to the defendant, will the society have the illusion of encouraging such behavior?

On the other hand, if imprisonment is used to execute the penalty, is it in line with the criminal justice policy of combining modesty, prudence, goodwill and leniency? Is it fair to the family members who have suffered pain? Is it conducive to ending the family tragedy?

On June 1, 2018, the Luqiao District Court of Taizhou City made the first instance judgment. Fan Wu and his son-in-law Zhang Tiejun were sentenced to three yearsimprisonment and five years probation. Fan Fan, the eldest daughter, was sentenced to two yearsimprisonment and three years probation.

After the trial, the judge was ready to leave. Fan Wu suddenly stepped forward and knelt on the ground.

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