The man was trapped in a snowstorm and survived for 5 days by eating 3 small packs of chili sauce.

 The man was trapped in a snowstorm and survived for 5 days by eating 3 small packs of chili sauce.

Why dont you use your mobile phone for help? Five days of cold and hunger in the snowpack forced men to share sleeping bags with their dogs and were finally rescued (Source: ~)

Hot sauce can not only invigorate the spleen and stomach and dispel rheumatism, but also save lives? This has happened in the United States recently.

Jeremy Taylor, 36, is an outdoor sports enthusiast from Oregon. Taylor recalls that on February 24, local time, he drove his pet dog on a remote forest road in the state, slept in his car that night, and planned to go hiking the next morning.

The next day, when he opened his eyes, he found something wrong: a sudden snowfall around him buried the whole car.

Taylor picks up some of the snow around the car, but its not very helpful: The Daily Mail says the same

At first, Taylor took the overhead rack down as a ski and rushed out of the siege for help. But he quickly gave up the idea that he could not take his dog with him.

Reported that in the next few days it became colder and colder, with the lowest temperature falling to - 16 C and the thickness of snow increasing to several inches. Heating became a big problem for Taylor and his dogs, who stayed there waiting for help.

Taylor had to start the car intermittently. To make matters worse, he had nothing to bring with him except three small packages of Taco Bell, the worlds largest Mexican fast food restaurant, chili sauce.

Thats all for a pack of Taco Bell chili sauce.

On February 27, police in Deschutes County, Oregon, received reports of missing persons. By March 1, a resident driving a snowmobile was the first to find Taylors car and notified a search and rescue team from Deschutes County, Oregon. With these spicy sauces, Taylor survived in the wild for five days.

Tylers Life Photo

Police said Taylor and his dog were in good health when they were rescued. They were hungry.

Tylers Dog Rescued

A few hours later, Tyler posted a message on Facebook to his netizens to tell them that he was safe. After that, he joked, Spicy sauce can save lives!

Then the question arises: Why does chili sauce have such a powerful effect?

Madelyn Fernstrom, NBC health nutrition editor, explained this in detail.

According to her, the main ingredients of Taco Bell chili sauce include tomato puree, vinegar and Mexican pepper. The sodium content in each bag is 65 mg, and vitamin A is about 2% of the recommended daily intake (700-900 micrograms). Although this sauce is very delicious, in fact, it is known as zero calorie food, not enough to supplement Taylors daily physical needs. That is to say, spicy sauce cant really save lives in a similar crisis.

From a metabolic point of view, five days without calories is not life-threatening, Madeleine went on to point out that the real role of Taco chili sauce may be to provide Taylor with a spiritual incentive and keep him optimistic.

As the incident spread, Taco Bell representatives also gave Taylor gifts and promised him free meals within a year, including all spicy sauces, of course.

And netizens have reminded Taylor that, although hot sauce is good, next time you cant do it alone...

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