Tenth Anniversary of Han Xing Zhang Ziyans Death

 Tenth Anniversary of Han Xing Zhang Ziyans Death

Yin Mou, a former actress of Zhang Ziyan and Tongmen.

Netease Entertainment reported on March 5, according to Hong Kong media reports, Korean star Zhang Ziyan of Korean drama Figure Man committed suicide on March 7, 2009, aged 29. Before her death, she left a note accusing her of being forced to accompany her drinking and sleeping in exchange for work. Last year, the police and the prosecution re-turned the case and finally closed the case after the validity period of the prosecution had not progressed. However, Korean news interviewed Yin Mou, a former actress of Zhang Ziyan Tongmen, who claimed that Zhang Ziyan was subjected to human harassment at the party for her representatives birthday. She was also present and witnessed Zhang Ziyan being touched by the male guests when she danced on the stage. After that, Zhang Ziyan was forced to sit on the mans thigh and be molested.

Yin Mou launched the book 13 Testimonies on the 10th anniversary of Zhang Ziyans death the following day, disclosing the contents of her 13 testimonies for Zhang Ziyans suicide and the injustice she encountered, hoping to arouse the attention of the outside world again. When Yin Mou appeared this morning in a new book of TBS radio program propaganda, he revealed that he had not appeared in the past ten years, until now he finally appeared and gave his real name to the public. It is impossible to see the victim disappear from the sky, but the perpetrator can see people fairly.

She also pointed out that she was only 21 years old when she was investigated by the police and the prosecution, but she also felt that the investigation process was unfair. Yin confessed that she was repeatedly excluded from the audition list until several years later, when a director personally told her that she had confessed as a witness in Zhang Ziyans case. She also pointed out that none of the staff working in the entertainment venues involved in the case had come forward to confess.

Yin said that she had been with Zhang Ziyan for about a year, but ten years after the suicide, she still could not forget the other party. She pointed out that Zhang Ziyan had a bright and fragile personality. Although a list of 31 people including TV directors, radio and public opinion, enterprises, politics and financial circles had been circulated, Yin said that the list was not Zhang Ziyans legacy. The book is a list made by the office in order to get rid of the crime of forcing Zhang Yanzi to provide sexual services.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Hu Mengyao_NK5655