Chu Shijian died. 516266717484 is a series of numbers that will last his whole life.

 Chu Shijian died. 516266717484 is a series of numbers that will last his whole life.

On March 5, the reporter learned from the staff of Chu Orange Manor that Chu Shijian, the founder of Chu Orange, died.

Reporters later confirmed to several health workers that the news is true. It is reported that Chu Shijian died at noon on March 5 in Yuxi Peoples Hospital.

Looking back on Chu Shijians life, a series of mysterious numbers do everything possible

Chu Shijian, a native of Yuxi, Yunnan Province, is one of the most controversial financial figures in China. The former chairman of Hongta Group, Chinas Tobacco King. According to the information provided by Chu Orange Manor, Chu Shijian was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1999 for economic problems, and then commuted to 17 yearsimprisonment. In 2002, after receiving medical parole, Chu Shijian, 74, contracted with his wife to grow oranges in barren hills. His Chu orange was praised as inspirational orange.

Photography in Chu Orange Manor: Changhong

Walking into the reception hall of Chu Orange Manor, the only picture in the hall is that Wang Shi, a well-known Chinese businessman, visited Chu Orange Manor at the end of last year to take a picture with Mrs. Chu Shijian, who was not in it.

Behind the photo, a series of numbers 516266717484 are suspicious. Staff explained to reporters, This is Chu Shijians life.

Mysterious figures in Chu Orange Manor. Photography: Changhong


Yellow sticky board to control aphids, sugar, wine and vinegar trays to trap adults of tobacco caterpillars, traps to trap Spodoptera litura... Within the modern tobacco planting greenhouse in Yuxi Manor of Hongta Group, there are dozens of disease prevention and control devices of different sizes and shapes to ensure the production of organic tobacco leaves 200 kilometers away from Zhuorange Manor. Pest biological control is a set of pest control system from the perspective of protecting tobacco raw materials and the environment. Yuxi Manor staff said.

Today, Chu Shijians Red Tower Group, which was founded by Chu Shijian, is using these methods to produce organic tobacco leaves to meet the current market demand for ecological organic and green environmental protection.

Forty years ago, Yuxi Cigarette Factory, the predecessor of Hongta Group, was once on the verge of bankruptcy. Until 1979, in the second year of Chinas reform and opening up, Chu Shijian, 51, was appointed director of Yuxi Cigarette Factory.

Six thousand two hundred and sixty-six

After Zhu Shijian became director of Yuxi Cigarette Factory, he boldly carried out technological transformation, introduced first-class equipment from abroad, studied foreign tobacco planting technology, taught local farmers tobacco planting knowledge, reformed and innovated tobacco production system and management, which made Yunnan cigarettes popular in China and well known in the world.

From left: Zhao Pingyuan, CEO of COFCO I Buy Net, Zhu Shijian, Zhu Shijian, Zhu Chu, granddaughter of Zhu Shijian

Chu Shijians practice in Yuxi Cigarette Factory proves that the right way is to choose reform and opening up. A small billboard in the manor says that in 1990, Chu Shijian was named one of the top ten entrepreneurs in China at the age of 62, and in 1994, Chu Shijian was named one of the top ten reformers in China at the age of 66.


A whistle-blowing letter plunged Chu Shijian into the low ebb of his life. In 1995, the Central Commission for Discipline and Discipline Inspection received a report that individual tobacco vendors colluded with tobacco companies in Luoyang, Henan Province to obtain cigarette indicators by bribing Chu Shijians family members.

Twenty years after the reform and opening up, a 59-year-old phenomenon trap prevailed in which the head of state-owned enterprises made a big profit before he retired. Chu Shijian fell into the trap before he retired at the age of 67, which became the footnote of the times.

In 1998, the Yunnan Provincial Procuratorate prosecuted Chu Shijian to the Yunnan Provincial High Court on charges of embezzlement and huge amount of property from unknown sources. In 1999, the Yunnan Provincial High Court sentenced him to life imprisonment and deprivation of political rights for life for the crime of embezzlement and the crime of huge amount of property from unknown sources. Chu Shijian was 71 years old.

Chu Shijians punishment once attracted heated discussion from all walks of life, and also promoted the establishment and perfection of several systems, such as the salary of state-owned enterprise leaders at that time.

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In 2002, Chu Shijian, 74, was released on bail for severe diabetes. He began planting ice-sugar oranges in Xinping County, Yuxi, and a documentary on Chu Orange Manor showed that he was a second entrepreneur on this hill when he was covered with silver hair.

At that time, there was no money for fitness, said Lin An, director of the office of Chu Orange Manor. It was the overseas Chinese in Singapore who sponsored him.

The cook in the staff canteen of Chu Orange Manor said that he loved spicy chicken and fish, and the people who loved spicy food were enthusiastic and courageous, and they often did things with a sense of pleasure. Chu Shijians pulse of reform and opening up is precise: characteristic agriculture and Internet are the future trend, and he and his wife are determined to contract barren hills and start planting ice-sugar oranges.

Chu Shijian once said that orange planting has been investigated. Yuxi Xinping is a place where ice-sugar orange is suitable for planting in terms of temperature difference, soil, sunshine, water source and other natural conditions.

Immature Orange Photography Changhong in Chu Orange Manor

In the early stage of reform and opening up, Chu Shijian attached great importance to the cultivation and production of tobacco by science and technology, so that he could reach the peak and become a figure of reform and opening up. Secondary entrepreneurship, he used the same techniques, also rely on science and technology to grow oranges.

After planting orange trees, he constantly improved the planting methods. In order to ensure the sweetness of each orange, he strictly regulated how many square meters to plant a tree, how many trees to plant in a mu mountain area, how many fruits to hang on each tree, how to water in drought period and so on. These need to be communicated door-to-door with fruit growers, hand-to-hand teaching techniques, and explain to them why not the more the better.

After harvesting, there are professional evaluation machines to grade oranges to determine the income of fruit growers. The peasants in Xinping were mostly poor, but later they were able to grow fruits healthily and get rid of poverty. Their annual income could reach about 100,000 yuan.


When Chu Shijian was 84 years old, Chu Orange entered the Beijing market on a large scale and began to sell all over China. Facts have proved that the success of Zhu Orange is due to the rapid development of Internet in China in recent years to create a new industrial chain.

Today, the story of Zhu Shijian and Chu orange is widely known as a representative case of Chinas Internet + highland characteristic agriculture. This is also the second miracle Chu Shijian created in the reform and opening up, while Chinas reform and opening up has created a miracle in the history of human development.

Source: China News Network (reporter Miao Chao Chen Jing) synthesized from China Youth Daily, Lifestyle Newspaper, Beijing Evening News, etc.