Mei Ji: The Lakers season is over and they are not fighting hard to make a big joke.

 Mei Ji: The Lakers season is over and they are not fighting hard to make a big joke.

Although the Lakers still have playoff hopes in theory, their playoff chances are close to zero after a period of downturn.

The match not only attracted the boos from home fans, but also attracted the frustration of the Lakers media and journalists.

The Lakers Country website concluded: Without hard work, there will be no playoffs.

SilverScreen & Roll website official tweeted: The Lakers are not at all like a team that wants to play in the playoffs, and they have no initiative at all. Hart fought so hard to defend himself that no one was with him at all. It was a joke. The season is over.

He is indeed worked hard from start to finish, his enthusiasm in now the Lakers are very rare. He forced the opponent missed a layup, but did not expect the team did not have a half, no rebound, it also allows fans very angry. In the second half, the fans broke out continuously hiss, is not only for the clippers, but also to the lakers. reporter Mike - Trudell also said: Bauer and Ingram back injury, Kuzma early exit, Hart is about the young players in the only one still spell. From the beginning of January he had knee arthritis. Stephen -A- Smith Tucao said: since the fast boat put Harold to play, the Lakers have been destroyed. Walton is suspended, James roll, I think there is nothing wrong with. Lebron today is on the defensive, but also created a lot of chances for his teammates. However, they do not cast into, the Lakers lost the game, but also lost about this season. This article source: NetEase sports Author: Kewell editor: Ouyang Yan _NS4899

Hart did go from start to finish, and his enthusiasm is rare in todays Lakers lineup. He forced his opponent to throw up the basket, but did not expect that his teammates had no more than half-court, no rebounds, which also made the fans angry.

By the second half, fans were booing, not only for the Clippers, but also for the Lakers.

Lakers official website reporter Mike Truder also said: Bauer and Ingram retired injured, Kuzma retired early, Hart is probably the only young Lakers players still struggling. He has had arthritis in his knees since January.