Irony! The Clippers gave the Lakers a fatal blow to the Los Angeles fans: We want Kobe!

 Irony! The Clippers gave the Lakers a fatal blow to the Los Angeles fans: We want Kobe!

For the Clippers, the victory over their old rivals in the city gave them a pep talk, and they also gained a matching advantage in the 2-1 season against the Lakers. The Clippers11-3 record in the Pacific Division is also far higher than the Lakers 7-6 record.

That is to say, even if the Lakers can win the 6 matches between them and the Clippers in the next 18 matches, they will not be able to beat the Clippers in the rankings. Whether the Lakers finally get into the playoffs, todays clippers are a fatal blow to them.

Although the Clippers have massacred the Lakers many times in the past few years, it is of great significance for the whole team to hold down the Lakers who won LeBron with such a strong attitude.

Most of the fans who came to watch the game today were on the Lakersside. They were disappointed with the performance of the Lakers. Beverly waved his arms to encourage them to boo the Lakers before the end of the game. In the end, the Lakers fans not only shushed, but also shouted the slogan We want Kobe Bryant.

Although Kobe Bryant won only 17 games in the last season, at the peak of his Achilles tendon rupture, the Lakers were seldom so unyielding that many big star fans could not stand their performance.

After rap legend Snoop Dogg stormed that he would sell his box ticket for $5 this season, the legendary bassist Flea of the Red Pepper Band started to spray directly on Twitter to the official account of the Lake Aite.

Why are you doing this to me? Dont you know that fans really care about winning or losing? Its been seven years. Do you want to continue signing one-year contracts for any superstars? I dont care whether the superstars come or not, I want a team of unity and friendship.