Drafting Group of Government Work Report: Over 330,000 network suggestions were received

 Drafting Group of Government Work Report: Over 330,000 network suggestions were received

Huang Shouhong, Head of Drafting Group of Government Work Report and Director of Research Department of the State Council

According to the website of the Information Office of the State Council, Huang Shouhong, head of the drafting group of the Government Work Report and director of the research department of the State Council, said at a briefing on Interpreting the relevant information of the Government Work Report held by the State New Office on March 5 that as of March 4, more than 330,000 comments had been received from netizens on the I Speak to the Premier campaign.

Huang Shouhong analyzed that there are at least two reasons why the Government Work Report has been praised by all walks of life.

First of all, the Government Work Report is connected antenna. As we all know, Xi Jinpings socialist thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era is a powerful ideological weapon to guide the people of the whole country to advance bravely and overcome difficulties. In practice, it shows more and more great light of truth. The so-called connected antenna is that the Report fully embodies Xi Jinpings socialist thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the strategic deployment of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core, and a series of important measures taken by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. The CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the Government Work Report. General Secretary Xi Jinping personally presides over the deliberations of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee and the Political Bureau of the Central Committee. He has put forward many clear guiding opinions, pointing out the direction and providing guidance for us to do a good job in drafting the Report. The drafting of the Government Work Report was carried out under the personal chairmanship of Premier Li Keqiang. Premier Li Keqiang presided over the executive meeting of the State Council and the plenary meeting of the State Council for deliberation and discussion. He also held several special meetings to study some policy measures. Other leading comrades of the State Council have also given specific guidance and assistance to the drafting of the Report.

Secondly, the report grounding gas. The so-called grounding gas can be said to be a report gathering the wisdom and strength of the masses. The report reflects the expectations of all sectors of society to the greatest extent, and also embodies the consensus of all parties. In the process of drafting the Report, Premier Li Keqiang has conducted many investigations and studies at the grass-roots level and held many symposiums. Other leading comrades of the State Council also listen to the opinions of various sectors of society at the grass-roots level through various means.

Huang Shouhong also pointed out that there are four channels for the drafting group to hear opinions and suggestions:

First, the opinions of various regions and departments. At the beginning of drafting the report, many opinions and suggestions were put forward by various regions and departments. Among these opinions and suggestions, many are highly consistent with the expectations and requirements of netizens and the public, and the policies formulated by relevant departments are also highly consistent with the opinions of netizens and the public. After the formation of the Report, it was issued to all provinces, municipalities, central Party, government and military departments, and some key state-owned enterprises for comments. More than 4,000 copies were generally sent out, from which more than 1,200 opinions were sorted out by the drafting group.

Second, the opinions and suggestions of all walks of life, especially the vast number of netizens. In recent years, the trend of network advice has become more and more obvious. This year, we continue to collect and sort out the opinions and suggestions of many websites, new media, microblogs and forum netizens on the Government Work Report. Especially this year, the Chinese government network joined 20 online media platforms to launch the fifth Ill Speak to the Prime Minister netizens voice solicitation activity, which had received more than 330,000 suggestions by yesterday. Among the 20 topics, the top five are economic policy, involving all aspects of macroeconomic policy, business environment, service, education and social security. After sorting it out one by one, the Chinese Government Network has selected more than 700 representative suggestions, each of which covers many netizenssuggestions. It is gratifying to note that the number of comments from international netizens has also increased significantly during this event.

Third, opinions and suggestions from relevant parties. Many departments, units, enterprises and relevant institutions, including some news media, have also transmitted many opinions and suggestions from all walks of life that they have learned. For example, the State Complaints and Visits Bureau transfers some opinions and suggestions collected in the work of letters and visits to us for reference in many periods.

Fourthly, the drafting group listens directly to opinions. Before drafting, the drafting group held many symposiums, conducted many investigations at the grass-roots level and listened directly to opinions. Our drafting group also has the advantage of listening to opinions. In addition to listening to some specific opinions and suggestions, it also needs to be truly grounded in expression. Only when we know more about the people, enterprises and the masses and listen to what they say, can we find this feeling, which is reflected in the drafting process. As the lead unit in drafting the report, the Research Office of the State Council continued to hold a forum on foreign expertsopinions with the Ministry of Science and Technology and the State Bureau of Foreign Experts. Eleven well-known international experts from many countries participated in the meeting and put forward many good opinions and suggestions.