Zhang Jindongs Report on Government Work: Enhancing Confidence, Warming Peoples Heart and Strong Resolution

 Zhang Jindongs Report on Government Work: Enhancing Confidence, Warming Peoples Heart and Strong Resolution

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Comments on the work report of Zhang Jindong, deputy to the National Peoples Congress

At the just-concluded opening ceremony of the National Peoples Congress, Premier Li Keqiangs government work report stood high, focused and faced difficulties. Summarizing the work is realistic, analyzing the situation deeply and thoroughly, and deploying the work accurately and powerfully. The spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Party has been carried out throughout the work, and the new ideas and Strategies of General Secretary Xi Jinping have been carried out. The brilliant achievements are inspiring and the ambitious blueprint is encouraging.

At present, in spite of the complex and changeable situation at home and abroad, this report gives us a full sense of the impetus of Chinas economic development and shows a strong confidence and confidence. The specific feelings of the government work report can be summarized in nine words: raising confidence, warming peoples hearts and strong determination.

First of all, it has boosted confidence in development. There is no obstacle to Chinas development that cannot be overcome, the statement in the report fully reflects our strong will and firm confidence for sustainable development. At present, China is in a new round of development opportunities. A series of policy propositions in the report, such as continuously releasing domestic demand potential, firm supply-side reform, firm market deepening reform, will further play the main role of enterprises in the market and promote enterprises to usher in greater development.

Around the development of domestic demand, the report mentions ways and means of promoting the integration and development of advanced manufacturing and modern service industries and developing new consumption patterns, which can be said to be a great incentive for Suning to take root in retail industry and sustain innovative development.

At present, the core value of Sunings vigorous development of intelligent retailing is to guide production and promote consumption. On the one hand, we open up data and technology to upstream manufacturers to help partners achieve demand forecasting, accurate production and accurate marketing, thus comprehensively promoting the digital transformation of manufacturing industry; on the other hand, we layout smart retail formats for downstream users to promote consumption upgrading. At present, Suning has laid out more than 10,000 smart retail stores nationwide, and will land this year. There are 15,000 families, focusing on two major markets, community and rural.

Secondly, the report is very warm-hearted. The government work report has brought a series of substantial policy package for private enterprises, including implementing larger tax cuts and making efforts to alleviate the difficult financing problem of enterprises.

At the same time, the report mentions business environment as many as five times, which is the most in recent years. Among them, good service is part, bad service is dereliction of duty, let entrepreneurs feel at ease to run business, rest assured to run enterprises and other words are very inspiring, it can be said that these contents have greatly inspired the morale of private entrepreneurs, will promote you to more actively invest in a new round of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Finally, it further strengthens the determination of enterprise development. In particular, the report points out that keeping and improving the activity of market players is the key to promoting stable economic growth. We believe that enterprises, as the main body of the market and the main body of expanding employment, must stimulate the vitality of enterprises through sustained innovation and promote employment by expanding investment.

This year, Suning, with its high-quality and rapid development, has set an unprecedented employment target of 80,000 new employees and 32% employee growth. The aim is to promote the sustainable development of society through sustained innovation and entrepreneurship and stable investment. So when I heard about putting the employment priority policy at the macro level, it gave me a big stimulus and made me feel that we not only went right, but also went more firmly.

2019 is the key year to build a well-off society in an all-round way and achieve the goal of the first century. As the representative force of private enterprises, we should devote ourselves to the great practice of the mission of this era with passion, become the driving force for the steady progress of Chinas economy, contribute strength and value to the high-quality development of Chinas economy, and present our excellent achievements to the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China.