Amazing! The Game of Power uses local government resources to prevent dramatic change

 Amazing! The Game of Power uses local government resources to prevent dramatic change

As one of the greatest American dramas in history, Game of Power is stricter in anti-spoiler. For the last six episodes, which took up to 10 months to shoot, the crew has exhausted all kinds of methods to guard against paparazzi, and even mobilized government resources to prevent all possible camera shots. For example, when a helicopter suddenly appeared over the shooting site in Northern Ireland in April last year during a crucial war, but under the protection of government resources, during the shooting of Game of Power, no aircraft or drones could be seen there. So the crew urgently contacted the local Civil Aviation Administration to find out the source of the helicopter and the crew on board, and finally confirmed that it was. The crew breathed a sigh of relief that the police helicopter had no risk of spillover.

For the last episode, the crew raised more stringent confidentiality measures, and finally the staff wearing the special badge of Episode 6 could appear on the set, and some of the shooting was closed.

In the process of shooting the play, the hardship of the environment and the efforts of the staff can be imagined. Just shooting the final battle of Winter City, it has spent 11 weeks of day and night. More than 750 people have been busy working in the countryside for three months. They work in the cold rain, the bitter wind, the ankle-deep mud, the stinking horse dung and the choking smoke, which is the former place. Unknown endurance and suffering.

It is reported that a regular female CASS (unnamed) once fainted during the shooting, but it was good that she came back the next day to continue her work. In addition, when Michelle Williams talked about filming the final Winter City Ultimate War, she recalled that she had been told to train for it a year before filming, because it would be very difficult. I promised, but when it comes to filming, you will find that all the preparations cant withstand the expenditure of physical strength. You are facing night after night shooting, can not stop at all, you can not get sick, you must take good care of yourself, some things others can not help you. Sometimes you just collapse to the extreme and just want to sit there and cry.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Li Si_NBJ11322