Spurs Celebrity: Kurtouva has a problem. Why does the public criticize Bell?

 Spurs Celebrity: Kurtouva has a problem. Why does the public criticize Bell?

In a recent interview, Kurtouva said that Bell was called a golfer in the Real Madrid dressing room and rarely socialized with his teammates, and that he preferred to play golf alone rather than having dinner with his teammates.

Jenas, a former teammate with Bell, said the Welsh script was a man who liked to spend more time with his family than with his teammates outside. I think its absolutely problematic for Kurtouva to say publicly that Bell has a problem, he said.

I get along well with Bell. One thing I like about him is that hes very independent. If we go out with the whole team, he often chooses to stay at home with his family, but I never think its a problem.

He often goes back to Cardiff to accompany his family. This is Bell. Is it wrong to accompany his family? His family is very young. He likes to spend more time with his family, so why do he have to go out with his teammates to have a good time?

If I have an opinion about a teammate, I will go directly to him and say that Kurtouva chose to go to the media and say that it is necessary to denigrate his teammates publicly. Why does Kurtouva do this? I remember at Spurs, every Christmas party Bell said he didnt want to come. Thats no problem. Maybe he just enjoyed playing golf alone and accompanying his family. Is that guilty?

I know everyone is happy when things go well, but when things dont go so well, some people may have to talk and find scapegoats. I think its better not to have such a person in the dressing room.

Bells agent, Jonathan Barnett, was angry with the fans. He said: This generation of Real Madrid fans have talked about Bells goals for many years. To be honest, they should be ashamed of booing Bell. He deserves the greatest respect from Real Madrid fans. The way Real Madrid fans treat Bell is a shame. He has won everything in Spain for six years. He is one of the best players in the world and fans should kiss his feet.

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